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Top 3 Xianyun Weapons For Maximum Damage!

Top 3 Xianyun Weapons For Maximum Damage!

Genshin Impact recent update (4.4) gave us an amazing Healer and Sub DPS! 

Who is Xianyun?

Xianyun is the newsest addition to Genshin's playable character. 

This human version of cloud retainer has an anemo vision and since her release, she became one of the best healer Genshin ever has.

Aside from that, Xianyun's elemental skill also fun to use in exploration. 

How to Use Xianyun

1. Xianyun as a Healer

Upon her release, Xianyun has been introduced as an anemo healer. 

Her elemental burst allow her to heal the whole team and she will 

continuously heal the entire team over time. 

2. Xianyun as a Plunge Enabler 

Aside for being a good healer, Xianyun elemental burst will increase the whole team jump height and this feature will allow them to do plunge attacks. 

This feature makes some characters like Diluc and Raiden become a plunger and increase their overall damage. 

Xianyun also continuously buff her team mates and adding an additional anemo damage for the team.

3. Xianyun for Exploration

With the new map coming out, Xianyun is the best option to open the map. 

With her elemental skill, Xianyun able to jump tall heights instanly andher passive skills also able to quicken characters gliding speed. 

This makes exploration easier than before.

Ah, i hope Mihoyo release Xianyun earlier with sumeru map so we could travel across sumeru easily.

3 Best Weapon for Xianyun

There are some weapons we could use to maximize Xianyun's buff and heal.

Some of them are B5 weapons but there is also a good B4 weapons for F2P players.

Here are Xianyun Top 3 Weapons:

1. Crane's Echoing Call

Crane's Echoing Call

Of course, the best weapon for Xianyun is her signature weapon, Crane's Echoing Call. 

This new weapon was released at the same time with cloud retainer first banner. 

On lvl 90. this weapon will give the character additional ATK boost of 16,5%. 

This signature weapon also increase Xianyun ATK for buffs and healing. 

It also gives a great additional damage for Plunge ATK in the team and speeds up energy recovers.

2. Skyward Atlas

The second weapon is a kind of B5 weapon we could get in standard banner. 

This catalys weapon could increase Xianyun's ATK by 33.1% in lvl 90.

Moreover, this weapon also has an amazing stat for healing.

3. Oathsworn Eye (F2P)

Fellow F2P players, if you need a weapon whose F2P friendly and free, you could use Oathsworn Eye.

This weapon could increase Xianyun's ATK stats by 27.6% which are great for boost healing.

This catalys weapon can also greatly boost character's ER.

Currently this weapon is the best weapon for Xianyun.

However, you cannot gatcha or create this weapon because this only obtainable during one of the event in 2.5. 

So, for those who missed the events,  you could considered wine or song or Favonius Codex which also a good weapon for healer like Xianyun.


In conclusion, Xianyun is a good additional to your team if your main DPS is a plunger like Xiao or Gaming. 

Xianyun also good for boost some character like Raiden, Diluc, and Cyno by making them a plunger and double their damage.

So, are you taking Xianyun as part of your team? or saving primos for next character? 

Tell us in the comment ya! 

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