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7 Levels of Magic in Mushoku Tensei


Orsted mushoku tensei

Complete Explanation of the Magic Levels in Mushoku Tensei. Starting from the Weakest to the Strongest

Mushoku Tensei is one of those isekai anime with a pretty intriguing storyline. Unlike the usual mainstream isekai plotlines, Mushoku Tensei brings a lot to the table in terms of its story.

One fascinating aspect is the magic hierarchy in the Mushoku Tensei world. Almost every episode treats us to a variety of spells, each with its own unique function.

Now, it turns out these spells are classified into different tiers, which also serve as a ranking system for wizards in the Mushoku Tensei universe.

These magic tiers are crafted based on how much mana is required and the complexity of manipulating said mana.

So, without further ado, let's dive in and discuss it together:

1. Beginner Tier

The Beginner tier is like the newbie level where the mana used for spells is minimal. The manipulation is also pretty basic. 

Spells at this tier are like the fundamental spells for each element, such as the fireball from the fire element and the rock bullet from the earth element. It's all about keeping it simple and getting the basics down at this stage.

2. Intermediate Tier

Moving on from the Beginner tier, in this tier, the use of mana for each spell starts to amp up. 

While still relatively straightforward, the complexity of manipulating mana for spells at this level is a bit trickier compared to the Beginner tier. It's like stepping up the game a bit – a bit more mana, a bit more finesse, but still not too crazy.

3. Advanced Tier

At this level, the mana consumption becomes higher, and it takes a good deal of skill and experience to master spells of this tier. 

With the complexity of mana manipulation increasing, spells at this level usually have a broader range compared to the intermediate tier. It's a bit like leveling up in the magical world – more mana, more intricate maneuvers, and a wider scope of magical prowess.

4. Saintly Tier

We're talking top-tier magic here. Not only does it involve a substantial amount of mana, but the manipulation of mana also becomes highly intricate and complicated. 

The spell's coverage area is extensive, to the point where it can even manipulate the weather. This weather manipulation was showcased in the anime when Roxy made it rain on a wheat field. It's like the big leagues of magic, where the spells are grand, the mana is abundant, and the wizardry is nothing short of spectacular.

5. Kingly Tier

Magic at this level is like an upgraded version of saintly-tier magic, with significantly broader coverage and more powerful effects. 

It's like taking the saintly-tier magic and cranking it up a few notches, making the spells even more potent and awe-inspiring. It's the kind of magic that makes you sit back and go, "Whoa, that's on a whole other level!

6. Imperial Tier

Rudeus mushoku tensei

With high mana consumption and an incredibly complex level of mana manipulation, magic at this tier is no joke. 

Spells at this level have deadly effects. One known spell at this tier is Absolute Zero, where the magic can freeze everything within a wide area in an instant. It's the kind of magic that can stop you in your tracks and send shivers down your spine – literally.

7. Divine Tier

Absolutely, at this tier, we're stepping into the realm beyond human comprehension. It's like magic wielded by the gods themselves.

As mentioned earlier, these seven tiers serve as a classification system for wizards. A wizard's classification is determined by the highest tier of magic they can master. It's a way of categorizing magical prowess and separating the magical wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

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