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One Piece: Oda Corrects Roger's Mustache Fact!

One Piece: Oda Corrects Roger's Mustache Fact!

Eiichiro Oda revealed the true story behind the mustache of the pirate king, Gol D. Roger, which has become one of his iconic features. 

As you know, one of the interesting and attractive aspects of the One Piece story is the unique characters that appear in it.

Each character has their own uniqueness. 

For example, there is Luffy who is very silly with his behavior, Sanji who is lecherous, or Nami who loves money. 

Speaking of characters in the One Piece story and their uniqueness, Gol D. Roger is also one character who is equally unique.

The Character of Roger and His Mustache

One Piece: Oda Corrects Roger's Mustache Fact!

It seems that all One Piece fans are already familiar with the character of Gol D. Roger. 

He was the first pirate to reach Laugh Tale in the last 800 years. 

Thanks to this remarkable achievement, Roger then earned the title of "pirate king." Roger's popularity is extremely high due to his title, and he has a significant influence in the world of One Piece.

At the beginning of the story, before the navy executed Roger, he said one thing. 

Roger mentioned that all of his treasure was on the last island, Laugh Tale. 

He also mentioned that One Piece is indeed real and is stored on that island. These words then sparked a new era of piracy.

Many young pirates or other people decided to become pirates to find One Piece. 

Speaking of Roger, there are several things about his character that are considered distinctive. 

First is his tremendous strength. 

As a pirate king, it is not surprising that Roger had tremendous power.

Roger's incredible power was even acknowledged by many other great pirates, such as Kaido, Whitebeard, Garp, and others. 

Roger was known to not consume devil fruits and relied only on physical strength and Haki. 

He was also very skilled in using a sword. 

In addition to these abilities, another distinctive feature of Roger's character is the mustache on his face.

Roger's mustache is one of his distinctive features that has become very iconic. 

Roger is one of the characters who has a distinctive feature with a mustache, along with some other characters like Zeff, Whitebeard, or even Kaido. 

However, there is an interesting fact that may not be widely known among One Piece fans regarding Roger's mustache.

Not a Mustache

One Piece: Oda Corrects Roger's Mustache Fact!

Although Roger's mustache has become one of his distinctive features, in fact, initially Oda stated that it was not actually a mustache. 

What was on Roger's face was originally nose hair. This fact was revealed by Eiichiro Oda about Gol D. Roger's mustache in the One Piece Green: Secret Pieces databook that was released in 2010.

In the databook, Oda revealed various facts that fans may not know, such as the meaning of Ace's tattoo and the fact about Gol D. Roger's mustache. 

In the databook, Oda Sensei explained that initially, the hair or fur on Roger's face was not a mustache but rather nose hair, which was depicted as very thick and long.

However, Oda later gave an explanation that he changed this fact. 

Oda changed the fact that it was Roger's mustache. 

Why did the fact about Roger's mustache change? 

According to Oda Sensei, his decision to change the fact that what was on Roger's face was not nose hair but a mustache was due to the situation related to Roger becoming serious.

Meaning of Oda's Statement

One Piece: Oda Corrects Roger's Mustache Fact!

So, what is the meaning behind Oda Sensei's statement? 

Unfortunately, Oda Sensei did not provide an explanation regarding this in the databook. 

However, we can speculate from what Oda has presented in his story so far. 

For example, the most obvious is the change in tone of the One Piece story. 

This is perhaps something that fans have noticed a lot.

If you pay attention, Eiichiro Oda often presents comedic elements or funny things in his story. 

Oda did a lot of this from the beginning of the story until the timeskip occurred. 

After the timeskip, Oda began to present fewer comedic elements, which was criticized by fans. 

With those comedic elements, initially Oda Sensei might have wanted to present a joke about Roger through his mustache.

However, as the story progresses, the tone and storyline presented by Oda slowly begin to become more serious. 

Moreover, we know that Roger is a influential figure in the pirate world. 

It would be very illogical if Oda Sensei really presented a ridiculous idea that what was on Roger's face was not a mustache but nose hair.

One thing for sure is that this fact would reduce the character of Roger's authority. 

And in relation to authority, this could also be a reason why the mustache became one of the important things in the One Piece story. 

We can see how characters who typically have a distinctive mustache exude leadership and extraordinary authority.

Besides Roger, as mentioned above, there are several characters who have distinctive mustaches such as Kaido, Whitebeard, Sengoku, Zeff, and several others. 

They are known as figures with high leadership qualities and authority. 

For example, Whitebeard who died to protect his subordinates. 

Then, Kaido became a feared leader.

Zeff himself became a role model for Sanji and others because of what he did. 

In essence, although a mustache may appear to be just a decoration on a character's face, Oda may have given it more value. 

That is, a mustache can be depicted as a symbol of authority, leadership, something that has extraordinary value, and so on. 

And this is what later became the reason why Oda Sensei decided to change the information about Roger's mustache.

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