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Boruto: Why can't Jiraiya be resurrected with Edo Tensei?

Boruto: Why can't Jiraiya be resurrected with Edo Tensei?

You certainly already know who Jiraiya is. 

He is one of the most popular characters in the franchise, and is one of the three Sannin legends. 

Jiraiya has helped many shinobi to become better and stronger, one example is Naruto. 

Their closeness has even become one of the moments that many fans love from the series.

Unfortunately, Jiraiya had to suffer a tragic fate. 

As we know, in the Naruto Shippuden series he carried out a suicide mission to find information about the figure of Pain. 

The information was successfully conveyed to Naruto, but the student had to see the death of the most important figure. 

Jiraiya died at the hands of Pain, which made him determined to avenge his death.

After Jiraiya's death, fans have been discussing the resurrection of his figure for a long time in the Boruto series. 

Many have asked why then Jiraiya could not re-emerge using the Edo Tensei technique. 

In fact, there are shinobi who are able to do it and know how.

Kabuto's explanation

Boruto: Why can't Jiraiya be resurrected with Edo Tensei?

Actually, in the Boruto series itself, one of the ninjas who are able to use the Edo Tensei technique, Kabuto, had time to give the answer regarding this. 

In the story, Jiriaya was brutally killed by Pain who then his body drowned in a river outside the village of Amegakure. 

According to Kabuto, the reason he couldn't do Edo Tensei was because he couldn't find Jiraiya's body.

Even so, many fans do not believe this reason. Why? In the Naruto series itself, there have been many moments or cases like Jiraiya, but the shinobi were able to find or get his body. 

In addition, fans also believe that Kabuto may have obtained a sample of Jiraiya's DNA. 

Masashi Kishimoto himself once gave his opinion on this matter.

Jiraiya's death became an important point in the development of the Naruto arc in the series. 

This helped Naruto to grow into a very strong shinobi, and become a good human being. 

Before, she would never understand the pain or sorrow Sasuke was going through. 

Because, he had never witnessed death or lost a father figure for him.

However, this changed when Naruto saw the death of Jiraiya's figure. 

One big change seen in Naruto's figure is how he tries to solve a big problem that occurs in the shinobi world without anyone being killed. 

Reviving Jiraiya's figure will be considered eliminating the missed moments of the development of the Naruto arc.

Connection With Amado

Boruto: Why can't Jiraiya be resurrected with Edo Tensei?

There is another interesting speculation that arose among fans, regarding why Jiraiya could not be resurrected in the Boruto series. 

And this is related to the figure of Amado. 

The main idea of ​​this theory is that Amado is someone who works for Amegakure and is in debt to create new technologies. 

Amado's intelligence is still a mystery, but speculation assumes that it may be related to the Rinnegan.

In the Naruto series, Nagato is someone who really respects Jiraiya's figure. 

He is indebted to what happened in the past. 

This also might make Amado's figure have the same view of Jiraiya's figure. 

After the fight against Jiraiya, Nagato was able to order Amado to find and obtain the former teacher's DNA and body.

For a person with powerful waterbending like Nagato, of course it was very easy. 

However, unfortunately, Nagato also had to die after he used the Rinnegan and all his chakra to restore the dead population. 

Only Amado remained who then continued working on the project.

Based on that, his speculations then explained that in honor of the last wish of Nagato's figure, Amado also fulfilled his wish to "reawaken" the legendary Sannin. 

Amado then created a clone of the legendary character, who we know today as Kashin Koji.

Until now, we still don't know why Amado created Kashin Koji to create a Jiraiya clone. 

However, it could be that the speculation above is indeed proven. 

Or it could be that Amado had a certain connection or relationship with Jiraiya in the past. 

As a form of respect, he then created a clone of his figure. 

And until now, fans are still looking forward to the return of Kashin Koji after his fight against Isshiki.

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