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One Piece: Luffy Will Destroy EggHead Island!

Luffy and all the Mugiwara crew managed to land in a place called EggHead Island.

EggHead Island is known as the residence of the most genius scientist in One Piece, Vegapunk. On the island Luffy saw many inventions with high technology.

EggHead Island is also a paradise according to Franky, where one of Luffy's crew is very crazy about science and technology.

When he arrived at EggHead Island, Franky was so surprised by all of Vegapun's inventions including a robot in the form of a shark and a giant robot.

Other technologies shown on EggHead island are automatic food-making machines and many objects that are actually just holograms like the dragons Luffy encounters on other parts of the island.

By using advanced technology, of course all enemies can be easily destroyed by Vegapunk. As with the Mugiwara Pirate ship which was almost eaten by a robot shark if it wasn't saved by another giant robot.

However, there are some assumptions of One Piece fans based on chapter 1062 that Luffy will later destroy EggHead island because there will be a great fight between the Mugiwara Pirate and CP0 members who are hunting for Vegapunk.

Three members of CP0 namely Lucci, Kaku and Stussy along with a Seraphim who resembles Kume are assigned on a mission to destroy Vegapunk.

Although so far Vegapunk is known as a scientist who devotes himself to the World Government. 

This can be seen from all of Vegapunk's inventions that help the military part of the World Government, namely the Navy in the weaponry section.

Some assume that Vegapunk made a very fatal mistake and is considered a form of rebellion against the World Government so CP0 was sent to destroy Vegapunk.

That way Luffy who is on EggHead island will also meet Lucci, where some One Piece fans assume the meeting will be an arena for Lucci's revenge for having been defeated by the Mugiwara Pirate captain while at Enies Lobby.

Surely there will be chaos and destruction in some parts of EggHead island caused by the fight between Luffy and Lucci as well as CP0 members and also the Mugiwara Pirates.

The existence of Seraphim Kuma is also a very dangerous thing because it even becomes the master's weapon to Vegapunk, where the Seraphim who is his creation will come with CP0 to destroy Vegapunk and destroy the island where the scientist lives.

But now Luffy's strength can't be underestimated anymore like when Lucci fought him in Enies Libby, where Luffy has become so strong he can even beat Kaido who is a Yonkou.

With Luffy's presence, Lucci doesn't focus on completing his mission to destroy Vegapunk. 

However, because all items on EggHead Island are rare and very valuable, all CP0 members must be careful.

Although of course this will not happen if Lucci has to deal directly with Luffy and all the Mugiwara crew.

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