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One Piece: Will of D is the Descendant of God!?

One Piece: Will of D is the Descendant of God!?

The members of the D clan in the One Piece story are probably not descendants of demons, but descendants of gods. One of the interesting things that is still a mystery to this day in the One Piece story is the D clan. Several important characters are known to have 'D' in the middle of their names. However, who they really are has not been revealed until now. However, there is an interesting theory that the D clan is actually the descendants of gods.

Clan D Enemy of the Heavenly Dragon

One Piece: Will of D is the Descendant of God!?

The mystery about the D clan and D's spirit is still a big mystery that has not been revealed in the One Piece story. If Luffy really wants to know everything about the D clan and D's spirit, Rayleigh actually has the answer. However, Luffy prefers to go on an adventure and enjoy the process. And the story about the D clan itself is believed to be in the Poneglyph in Laugh Tale.

Even though it is still mysterious, Oda Sensei later provided many clues regarding this clan. For example, as we already know, the D clan is known as "the main enemy of the gods (the god here is the sky dragon)." The D clan is also often seen as evil demons, as in the story where Rosinante lives. Evil children are afraid, that they will be eaten by someone from the D clan.

There is an interesting theory that states that there is a possibility that the D clan is not actually the blood of the devil as has been speculated. In fact, the D clan could actually be descended from the gods. Geeks of course often see how the World Government considers the D clan to be their enemy. Then, Im was also angry with Nefertari Lily.

In fact, the D clan became enemies and made Im very angry when Nefertari Cobra touched him. The sky dragons or World Government consider themselves to be gods. This is because they "created" the world known today in the world of One Piece. The sky dragons are descendants of the "creators" of the world, where they consider their ancestors to be gods.

What's interesting if geeks notice are the many names of "gods" embedded in various elements belonging to the World Government. For example, the troops under their and Im's control, namely God's Knights aka Holy Knights. In fact, Im sat on an empty throne in the Pangea palace and thought he was a god. The Gorosei were even willing to bow and worship Im's figure.

However, the big question then is what if they are not actually the true descendants of the gods? What if in the past there really was a party who was pure or truly descended from the gods, who was none other than the D clan? How then can Im and the other 20 kingdoms consider themselves gods when there really are descendants of real gods?

Upside-Down World

One Piece: Will of D is the Descendant of God!?

One interesting aspect that emerges in this theory is how the world of One Piece is, in fact, an upside-down world. What does that mean? In this context, the way the Celestial Dragons and Im view the D clan as their enemies and demons while considering themselves as gods could be the reverse. According to this theory, the D clan might actually be descendants of the true gods.

According to the theory, a strong indication of this is when Toki traveled 20 years into the past. As explained in the flashback of Kozuki Oden's story, Toki originates from 800 years ago. She used the powers of the Toki Toki Devil Fruit to go back 20 years and attempted to reach Wano. Fate then brought Toki into contact with Kozuki Oden.

Before Toki disappeared – or died – she briefly recalled her conversation with Oden regarding her appearance 800 years ago. She mentioned the upside-down world. Blackbeard also made a reference to the upside-down world during his fight with Trafalgar Law on Winner Island. Roger dreamed of turning the world upside down.

Whitebeard once stated that the revelation of One Piece and its contents would undoubtedly turn the world upside down. This forms the basis for one clue that suggests the world of One Piece has been upside-down for a long time. In this case, what actually happened is covered up and replaced with a new fact: the D clan, who are, in fact, the true descendants of the gods, are considered demons and enemies of the "gods," namely the alliance of 20 kingdoms.

Another interesting theory or speculation that has developed among fans suggests that the setting of the One Piece story might be post-apocalyptic. In this scenario, the One Piece world experienced an "apocalypse" after the Ancient Kingdom was destroyed by the alliance of 20 kingdoms. This is evident in the advanced technology that actually dates back centuries.

Furthermore, this might be the reason why the World Government decided to destroy all evidence and information about the past. They don't want what they did at that time to be exposed to the public. As Whitebeard and even Vegapunk have expressed, if this information were to be revealed, the world would be turned upside down.

D Clan Descendant of the Original God

One Piece: Will of D is the Descendant of God!?

With the explanation of the points above, it seems quite reasonable that the D clan is actually the descendant of the original god. The sky dragons, as well as the leaders of the 20 kingdom alliances, decided that they did not want the world to know the facts of what happened. Because of this, they then rebuilt the world and considered themselves to be gods who had "created" the world.

The theory also provides interesting clues regarding the above. For example, how in Sumerian there is the word “Dingir” which is often interpreted as “god” or “goddess.” The word "Dingir" itself is rarely mentioned or written, but is more often spelled or written with just one letter, namely "D." An example is dInanna which can be read as Dingir Inanna or Dewi Inanna.

In the context of One Piece, Oda Sensei uses this as the middle name of certain characters. The theory also explains that for the ancient Sumerians or people the sun was the center of the entire solar system. Does this mean that the descendants of these gods are the ones who want to bring a new dawn to the world?

Talking about gods, in the world of One Piece itself there are four gods who have appeared in the story or are referenced in the story. The first is the Sun God, then the Earth God, the Rain God and the Forest God. Facts and secrets about what happens in the world of One Piece are probably written or contained in the greatest treasure.

Finding One Piece means finding out the facts about what happened in that world and the real facts about the D clan. This is the reason why Trafalgar Law tries to fulfill Rosinante's great desire to find out the true meaning of 'D'. And from this information it is possible that we will know the real facts if it is not the sky dragons who are the descendants of gods, but the D clan.

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