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Spy X Family: Reveal the Secret to the Origin of Anya's Mind-Reading Power

Anya became one of the most popular characters in the Spy X Family series.

Illustrated by Tatsuya Endo, Anya is very cute and plays a big role in helping Loid Forger in many mission opportunities in Spy X Family.

The unique family in the Spy X Family series involves Loid the Westalis spy who lives in Ostania and is "married" to Yor Forger.

Her sister works for the Ostanian government, and Anya as Lor and Loid's adopted daughter can read minds.

Ever since the release of the Spy X Family series, fans have been wondering about Anya's abilities and how she could read minds at that age.

Anya is one of the most beloved characters in the Spy X Family series, and she has telepathic abilities, which have been demonstrated on many occasions.

Much of Anya's past is still unclear as the manga series has not explored her life before her adoption.

Since the series is fairly new, fans can expect a sneak peek of its past sooner or later.

However, what we know right now is that Anya was an orphan. She had been in many orphanages and was constantly looking for someone to take care of her.

One day Loid decided to adopt him because he thought he was smart enough.

Little did he know that Anya had managed to read his mind when he was trying to solve the crossword puzzle.

 Loid's informant revealed that there was no record of Anya's birth, therefore her biological parents were unknown.

Spy X's family also revealed that he doesn't like studying because it reminds him of his time at the research facility.

The organization is unknown, but it seems that Anya accepted her abilities there, and they forced her to learn and control her powers for world peace.

Beyond that, the series hasn't explored its past. However, the series has an interesting relationship with Bond, Anya's dog.

Some of the scientists that fans notice in Anya's memory are the same as those who were present when Project Apple was carried out.

Bond is part of this project. The Apple project is a project undertaken by the government of Ostania to create highly intelligent animals for military purposes.

In short, the Spy X Family has not thoroughly explored Anya's past. But the series will reveal it soon as there are many unanswered questions about his abilities and origins.

It is possible that Anya's biological parents also have an important role in the overall plot.

the organization that carried out this experiment certainly had a major role to play in Ostanian politics.

Curious? Stay tuned for the continuation of the Spy X Family series, where new episodes air every weekend.

That's the review of Anya's character in the Spy X Family series, an adorable character but has a great hidden mind reading ability even though she's still very young.

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