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One Piece 1051: Oda Surprises Roger's Right Hand, Rayleigh's Bounty Price Is Finally Revealed

Eiichiro Oda always gives new surprises through hidden clues until One Piece 1051.

From the clues to One Piece 1051, there is a new surprise about Gol D Roger's right hand, Silvers Rayleigh.

Rayleigh's bounty price in his heyday while still actively being Roger's confidant was finally revealed.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1051 regarding instructions from Oda regarding Rayleigh's bounty price.

As we know there are a number of legendary figures in the world of One Piece and one of them is Rayleigh the Dark King aka the King of Darkness.

He became a legend not only because he was Roger's first crew member, but because he had abilities on par with the legends.

Although he had a big role in Roger's pirates, his strength and abilities are important reasons why Rayleigh's name is so famous.

Rayleigh is nicknamed the Dark Lord and in the world of One Piece people usually call someone by his nickname.

Such as Big Mom (Charlotte Linlin), Mugiwara (Luff), Pirate Hunter (Zoro), Red Hair (Shanks), Hawk Eye (Mihawk), and many more.

So when people met Rayleigh, they used to call him the Dark Lord.

The title can be ascertained when he has sailed with his captain, Gol D Roger.

So what is the reason Rayleigh got the nickname as the Dark Lord?

As we know Rayleigh has everything it takes to become a king in terms of abilities.

He can match Whitebeard, Shiki, Sengoku, and all other famous people in one-on-one combat.

But since he promised to be loyal to Roger, then the king's status on his ship would be held by the captain.

So you could say Rayleigh volunteered himself to be in Roger's shadow.

It can also be said that Rayleigh is a king who is in the dark while Roger is a king who is under the visible light of the public.

This is the reason why people started calling him the Dark Lord because he was always in the shadow of the Pirate King.

Then with great strength and being Roger's confidant, how much did Rayleigh's bounty cost when he was young?

In the Yonkou pirate crew, the difference in bounty value between the captain and the first strongest crew is still very significant.

The captain's bounty is still much higher than twice the bounty of the strongest nakama.

For example, King has a bounty of 1.3 billion, while Kaido has 4.6 billion and this also happened to Big Mom and Whitebeard.

Big Mom has a bounty of 4.3 billion while Katakuri has 1 billion berries. Then Whitebeard had a bounty of 5 billion while Marco had 1.3 billion.

It could be seen that the bounty difference between the captain and his strongest crew was greater than 3 billion berries.

Then if we talk about bounties, there is a nominal that is believed to be the minimum limit to get the Yonkou title.

The nominal is 2.2 billion which is evident from the bounty of Blackbeard who just got his Yonkou title.

If one could reach that minimum score, then the World Government would refer to them as Yonkou.

But not only that, the person must also have a pirate crew and have territory in the New World.

So what about a Rayleigh? He is also believed to have a bounty of around 2.2 billion when he became Roger's right hand man.

This was once leaked by Oda when Rayleigh's wife, Shaki, explained about her husband on Sabaody.

Shaki said that Rayleigh was 100 times more powerful than all the Supernovas combined at the time.

So if all the bounties of the Supernovas at that time were added up, it would produce around 2.1 billion berries.

So Rayleigh's bounty when he was still active as Roger's right hand man was 2.1 billion or more precisely 2,152,000,000 berries.

But the Marines of course have increased the value of his bounty after Roger's death.

However, after Rayleigh declared his retirement from the world of pirates, now the World Government and the Navy are no longer after him.

It will be interesting to wait for Rayleigh's bounty value when Oda reveals it in One Piece 1051 or the next chapters.

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