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10 Most Beautiful and Sexy Japanese Female Artist

10 Most Beautiful and Sexy Japanese Female Artist

Apart from South Korean artists, a number of Japanese actresses are also famous for their beauty.

Having soft and smooth skin and a beautiful and slim body makes them the center of attention.

No wonder, because of their appearance, these artists from the land of Sakura are not only considered beautiful but also sexy.

Here are 10 Japanese female artists who are included in the row as the sexiest female artist.

1. Misaki Ito

10 Most Beautiful and Sexy Japanese Female Artist

Misaki Ito is known as a Japanese actress and model. 

Misaki Ito started her career as a model. 

She has also appeared in several well-known cosmetic products and watches. 

Not satisfied with her scintillating modeling career, Misaki tried acting. 

She made her debut as a protagonist in the drama series "Densha Otoko".

Her beautiful face also appears in the James Bond 007 video game. Misaki is a successful Japanese artist. Around 22 dramas have starred this artist who was born May 26, 1977. 

Meanwhile, there are 11 films with their names and faces.

The film that made her name famous was called 'Ju-On'. 

This horror genre film attracted the attention of American directors. In the US, the film is titled "The Grunge" and stars Sarah Michelle Gellar.

2. Kurara Chibana

10 Most Beautiful and Sexy Japanese Female Artist

Chibana is a famous Japanese model. This woman who was born on March 27, 1982 represented Japan in the universal female beauty contest Miss Universe 2006. 

She won the title as Runner Up 1. To participate in this international class beauty contest, Chibana was willing to refuse a job offer from a major publication in Japan.

Besides being famous for her beauty and sexy body, Chibana is famous for her intelligence. 

She majored in philosophy at Sophia University. And earned a Bachelor of Arts in 2006. 

Chibana also has the ability to communicate in four languages, namely Japanese, English, French and Spanish.

Currently, Chibana is enjoying her activities as a journalist interviewing unique people around the world for Japan's leading fashion magazine. 

She is also a spokesperson for world-renowned beauty products.

3. Melody

10 Most Beautiful and Sexy Japanese Female Artist

The owner of the name Miyuki Melody Ishikawa is known as a J-Pop singer and television presenter. Her beautiful face and charming appearance make this artist easy to recognize. 

Her always sexy appearance made this woman who was born on February 24, 1985 become one of the Japanese artists to get the title of the sexiest.

She made her debut in 2003 through the song "Dreamin Away". 

After that a number of songs made history through her distinctive voice. Recorded during a career in the world of singing, Melody produced four studio albums and one compilation album.

In 2008, through her personal blog, this Hawaiian-born singer announced she was ending her music career. 

She chose to focus on the world of fashion as a fashion designer. 

Now, Melody enjoys life as a mother of two children from her marriage to the famous Japanese musician, Miyavi.

4.Yuna Ito

10 Most Beautiful and Sexy Japanese Female Artist

Yuna Ito is an American pop singer who has a career in Japan. 

Apart from being a singer, Yuna Ito is also pursuing acting. This Los Angeles-born singer made her debut in Japan with the single "Endless Story". 

This song became one of the singles that graced the famous film "Nana". 

In this film, Yuna Ito also takes part in the role of Reira Serizawa.

The song titled "A World to Believe In" was sung by Ito, a duet with Celine Dion. 

When she heard Yuna Ito performing her own song, Dion immediately invited Yuna Ito to duet with her. 

Dion released this song on the album "Taking Chances".

5. Aya Ueto

10 Most Beautiful and Sexy Japanese Female Artist

The artist who was born on September 14, 1985 is known as a talented and versatile young artist. 

In addition to pursuing the world of singing, Aya Ueto is also in the world of acting and advertising models. 

Ueto made her debut in the world of art since she starred in the film "Satsujinsha Killer of Paraiso". 

However, she became famous when Ueto entered the Japanese National Youth beauty pageant. 

Together with other finalists, she formed a band called Z-1.

However, this group did not last long. 

The personnel disbanded. Ueto doesn't give up. 

She ventured to pursue a solo career. 

The choice is not wrong. 

She's quite accomplished success in the world of singing.

The world of acting also glanced at this beautiful woman. 

Her acting started to gain recognition when Ueto played a girl who suffers from an identity disorder in the series "3 nen B gumi Kinpachi-sensei".

Aya Ueto role earned her the spotlight from film critics. 

And as a result, his face often appeared on the screen as well as the big screen. 

She became the artist's most recognized acting skills in Japan.

6. Nanako Matsushima

10 Most Beautiful and Sexy Japanese Female Artist

Even though she is no longer young, Nanako Matsushima's popularity still shines. 

The presence of new stars that are mushrooming does not shake the throne of this mother of two children as a famous star in the country.

Apart from Japan, the name Matsushima is also well known in a number of other countries thanks to her role in the horror film “Ring”. 

The success of the series and films that starred in made Matsuhima also rewarded with high pay. 

She entered into one of the actresses who are paid the highest honorarium.

Matsushima started getting paid a lot when she starred in the series "Great Teacher Onizuka" which was a huge success. 

It was also in this series that Matsushima met her idol, Takashi Sorimachi, who has now given her two children.

She was also successful when she became the main character in the series "A Story of Love". 

After that a number of series and films still starring Matsushima such as "Hana Yori Dango" and "Hana Yori Dango Returns" and Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji 4 ".

7. Ryoko Hirosue

10 Most Beautiful and Sexy Japanese Female Artist

As a Japanese artist, Ryoko Hirosue is quite famous overseas. 

This is because she managed to capture the attention of the foreign public through her role in the film "Wasabi" with French actor, Jean Reno by director Luc Besson.

Hirosue started her career in Japan by participating in a beauty contest that led the woman who was born on July 18, 1980 to become a model for advertising a number of products. 

After that, Hirosue began to enter the world of acting in June 1995 through the television series "Heart ni S". 

Not satisfied with just pursuing the world of modeling and acting, Hirouse also chose to cultivate the world of singing.

Her busy schedule made Hirouse choose to sacrifice her studies majoring in Japanese Literature at a university in Japan. 

She also shocked the Japanese public because of her pregnancy. 

Finally, she announced her marriage to a Japanese fashion designer and designer, Takahiro Okazawa. She admitted her pregnancy.

The household with Okazawa did not go smoothly. 

This couple only felt the beauty of the household for five years.

8. Yuko Takeuchi

10 Most Beautiful and Sexy Japanese Female Artist

Yuko Takeuchi is famous for her always cheerful and attractive face. 

A Japanese magazine calls Takeuchi the Japanese Meg Ryan. 
Meanwhile, the famous Japanese director, Kichitaro Neguchi called Takeuchi like the actress Audrey Hepburn.

She made major breakthroughs in acting with her appearance on the NHK television series "Asuka" and the commercial for JT Green. After that, predictably, her face and name became a subscription star in a number of series and films. 

Her face, which is considered unique, is also selling well as an advertising model.

Unfortunately, her smooth career was not followed by success in fostering a household. 

Her marriage to kabuki actor Shido Nakamura ran aground after living in the household for three years. Takeuchi is still active in acting today.

9. Kyoko Fukada

10 Most Beautiful and Sexy Japanese Female Artist

Kyoko Fukada is a well-known Japanese artist. 

There have been many series and film titles that put on the beautiful face of this artist born on November 2, 1982. 

Fukada made her debut in acting when she appeared in the drama series "Sore ga Kotae da". 

Her appearance in the series made Fukada accept other role offers not only in the series but also on the big screen. In 1999, Fukada took part in the film 'Ring 2' as Kanae Sawaguchi.

As an actress, Fukada is a productive artist. Every year there is always a movie or series that starred. 

A number of series that made her name famous including in Indonesia when she appeared in the series "Kamisama, Mo Sukoshi Dake" and also "Strawberry on the Shortcake". 

She also had a chance to accompany the famous Korean actor, Won Bin in the Japanese-Korean collaboration drama "Friends".

10. Takako Matsu

10 Most Beautiful and Sexy Japanese Female Artist

For those of you who are lovers of Japanese series, of course you are familiar with Takako Matsu's face. Matsu is a well-known actress and singer in Japan. 

Takako Matsu is indeed art blood in her extended family. 

Her father and brother also worked on acting. 

However, this does not mean that the artist's real name Fujima Takako is running smoothly. 

Matsu still have to start her career from the bottom.

She first appeared on stage when she was 16 years old. 

She appeared on the stage of the play "Ninjo Banashi Bunshichi Mottoi". 

One year later, Matsu landed a role in a series. From there, her face began to be known. 

However, her career took off when she starred in the drama series titled "Kura".

Since then, her face and name have graced a number of series, feature films in Japan and also the theater scene. 

In a number of series, she is always paired with the famous Japanese actor, Takuya Kimura such as in the series "Long Vacation", "Love Generation" and "Hero".

Apart from being known as an actress, Matsu is also in the world of theater and singing.

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