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8 Variations of "I Am Atomic" The Ultimate Technique of Cid Kagenou, Leader of Shadow Garden


Cid Kagenou Shadow Garden

Not Just Destructive Magic

"I Am Atomic." This phrase has successfully intrigued many people to watch the Eminence in Shadow series. 

Unlike in other anime series where characters typically shout loudly when unleashing a finishing move, reciting an incantation, or stating the technique's name, Eminence of Shadow takes a different approach.

In this series, Cid Kagenou calmly declares the name of his technique without any loud shouting. 

This unique presentation adds an extra layer of coolness to the character. For those who aren't aware, there are actually numerous variations of "I Am Atomic." Curious to know more? Let's discuss them together.

8 Variations of "I Am Atomic" 

Cid Kagenou Shadow Garden

1. Atomic (Standard)

This is the standard version of this technique where Cid concentrates magical energy on his sword.

Once the concentrated magic is released, it creates an explosion that destroys everything within a specific area.

2. The All Range Atomic

The effect is still the same as before, but with this technique, the coverage area is much larger.

The sword, filled with magical energy, is thrust into the ground, releasing all the magical energy in an instant with a very wide coverage area.

3. Recovery Atomic

In contrast to the previous technique, this one can heal the wounds of all individuals within its range.

In the anime series, it is also shown that this technique can heal individuals who have become vampires and ghouls.

However, this effect does not apply to inanimate objects, buildings, and others; they still get destroyed if hit by this technique.

4. Atomic Sword

Appearing in the epilogue of volume 4 of the manga, this technique manifests magical energy to extend a weapon.

The effect will split everything into two if attacked by this technique.

5. Utsusemi no Atomic

Appearing in the epilogue of volume 4 of the manga, this technique transforms the sword into nine parts resembling a dragon.

Each dragon attacks a different part of the opponent's body. The first and second dragons attack both hands.

The third and fourth dragons attack both legs. The fifth and sixth dragons attack the torso.

The seventh dragon attacks the chest, the eighth dragon beheads the opponent, and the ninth dragon devours the opponent's head.

6. Atomic Test

Appearing in chapter 3 of volume 4, this technique is a smaller version of Atomic. You could say this technique is the initial form of all techniques and was used during the experimental phase to develop this technique.

7. Atomic Rain

Appearing in web novel chapter 166, this technique concentrates magical energy on slime shaped like wings.

The slime flies to a certain height before showering the enemy with a consecutive barrage of attacks sourced from the previously concentrated magical energy.

8. Atomic Radar

Appearing in web novel chapter 181, as the name suggests, this technique is used as a surveillance radar.

Magical energy concentrated at the fingertips is transformed into very small particles and released around the user. These small particles function as a surveillance radar.

Overall, not all "I Am Atomic" techniques are destructive magic; some are used for healing and surveillance as well.

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