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How to Build Yae Miko as A Sub DPS and Electro Enabler

How to Build Yae Miko as A Sub DPS and Electro Enabler

Need a constant electro damage? Pull for Yae Miko! 

Genshin impact 4.4 second phase already started.

For this second banner, we have two 5 stars character you can pull, Yae Miko and Xiao.

If you are planning to get Yae Miko in this patch, you have to read this guide!

About Yae Miko

Yae Miko is a five-tailed fox who serves as a Miko in Grand Narukami Shrine. 

At her first release, Yae was introduced as a strong electro DPS, however, her damage is not as strong as Raiden Shogun so she got left behind.

But after Dendro element released, many players seen Yae as a good support for Dendro.

Her elemental skills creates on field totems that could release electro damage consistently.

She is strong enough as a Sub-DPS even without constellations.

How to build Yae Miko

1. Yae Miko Best Weapon

Kagura Verity

To enhance her skills and maximize the electro reaction, you could use Yae's signature weapon, Kagura Verity.

It has a high critical damage and could increase Yae overall ATK.

For B4 weapon,  you could use sacrificial jade or the widsith. 

These two weapons could boost Yae's Critical DMG and Critical Rate which makes building Yae easier. 

Those two weapons also have good pasive skills to increase Yae overall damage. 

2. Yae Miko Best Artifacts 

For the artifacts, you only need to use 4 pcs Golden Troupe or 4 pcs Gilded Dreams.

For Yae as a sub DPS, you only need to focus on her Elemental Mastery and Critical Damage

3. Talent Priority 

Yae Miko can be used as an off=field sub DPS and for that, you could put her skill as a priority. 

For sub DPS: Skill > Burst > Normal Attack

4. Overall Stats 

To make Yae a good sub DPS, you need to make sure that she has a high elemental mastery. 

At least she should have 100-300 EM to create a high damage.

Here is the complete list of her overall stats:

Critical rate: 50% +

Critical DMG: 150%

Attack: 1.8k

Elemental Mastery: 100 - 300

Energy Recharge: 100 - 120%

So, that is how you build Yae Miko for Electro Sub DPS.

Even though her gameplay is a bit tricky but she is easy to build and fun to play. 

Do you have Yae Miko in your party? 

Leave a comment below ya!

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