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Best Builds for Huohuo: Relic and Lightcone in Honkai Star Rail

Huohuo Build

Crazy Healing and Solid Buffs

In Honkai Star Rail, character builds are crucial, and randomly putting things together will only make your battles tougher.

Building a character isn't rocket science, though. All it takes is patience and diligence to gather everything you need for your character's build.

So, for those of you who have Huohuo and are scratching your heads about how to build her, here's a quick rundown of my recommended Huohuo build:

Take it easy; Huohuo doesn't need any fancy builds. Her build is quite straightforward and easy to put together.

Best Relics for Huohuo

Best relic for huohuo

For relics, I highly recommend using Messenger Traversing Hackerspace. This relic is perfect for Huohuo, who serves as both a healer and support.

With the additional speed, she can act earlier in battles and provide healing more frequently before enemies can retaliate.

Moreover, this relic allows Huohuo to grant a speed buff to your characters. In a turn-based game, speed stats are crucial, as they increase your team's frequency of turns.

Focus on HP% and speed for the main stats, and prioritize HP and speed for substats.

Best Planar Ornaments for Huohuo

Planar ornament for huohuo

I suggest using Brolen Keel for Huohuo, as this planar provides additional effect resistance. Effect resistance is particularly useful when facing enemies that inflict debuffs. 

If Huohuo avoids debuffs, the entire team remains unaffected since she can remove them.

Additionally, this planar offers a 10% bonus to crit damage for the entire team if the user's effect resistance is 30% or higher. 

Considering Huohuo's trace also provides additional effect resistance, this planar is highly worthwhile.

The second recommendation is Fleet of the Ageless. This planar provides extra HP to the user and grants additional attack to the whole team if the user's speed is above 120.

Prioritize HP% and Energy Rate Regeneration for main stats, and focus on HP and speed for substats.

Best Lightcones for Huohuo

Lightcone for huohuo

There are two best lightcones for Huohuo, one 5-star and the other 4-star. I assume you already have the 4-star one.

The first is Huohuo's signature lightcone, Night of Fright. This lightcone is ideal for Huohuo, providing additional energy rate regeneration and consistent healing and attack buff effects. It suits Huohuo's role as both a healer and support.

The second is Post-Op Conversation, the best 4-star lightcone for Huohuo. It offers a substantial energy rate regeneration increase, allowing Huohuo to unleash her ultimate more frequently.

Although Huohuo isn't a picky character in terms of lightcones, you can equip her with any lightcone you have.

Overall, Huohuo is an easy-to-build healer and support character. You don't need to search for relics with perfect stats for her.

Paman Radon
Paman Radon Senyumin aja

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