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5 Unique Facts About Victoria, Former Templar Knight Leader Turned Shadow Garden Member

Victoria Shadow Garden

Already Powerful Before Joining Shadow Garden

Shadow Garden is an impressive organization filled with equally remarkable members, each possessing incredible talents.

Among the many exceptional members is Victoria, a powerhouse whose strength was already substantial even before joining Shadow Garden.

For all you dedicated Victoria fans out there, here are some intriguing facts about her:

5 Unique Facts About Victoria

Victoria Shadow Garden

1. Saint of the Church

Before joining Shadow Garden, Victoria was a formidable figure hailing from the Church. 

As the leader of The Templar, she held the title of Saint, and her strength was not to be underestimated. Leading The Templar, she was known for her seemingly naive and kind-hearted nature. 

However, her demeanor underwent a drastic change after facing numerous betrayals and falling victim to demon possession. 

Upon joining Shadow Garden, she adopted a cold and merciless attitude.

2. Empowered by Shadow

Victoria is one of the two individuals outside the 7 core members of Shadow Garden who directly received power from Shadow or Cid. 

Alongside Victoria, Rose Oriana is another recipient of direct power from Cid. 

As mentioned earlier, Victoria already possessed significant strength before joining Shadow Garden, and her power multiplied after Cid healed her from demon possession, granting her strength directly.

3. Member Number 559

Despite rumors suggesting her strength nearly rivals the 7 core members of Shadow Garden, Victoria still holds the three-digit number, 559. 

Nevertheless, her power is not to be underestimated. She successfully battled an entire squadron of church forces nonstop for 3 days and 3 nights. 

Throughout the fight, she neither ate, drank, nor slept, sustaining serious injuries. However, she managed to defeat the entire squadron, leaving only one survivor.

4. Expressionless and Emotionless

Apart from her icy demeanor, Victoria is known for having an expressionless face. 

She consistently maintains a poker face, which changes instantly when she encounters Cid. In a heartbeat, she transforms into a cheerful and expressive individual when in Cid's presence.

5. Notorious for Recklessness

In addition to her formidable strength, Victoria is notorious for her reckless behavior that often raises concerns. 

During missions, she tends to charge headfirst into battle without formulating any plans. Strategic thinking is entirely absent from her approach; she simply advances, advances, and advances.

Overall, Victoria is a captivating character among the members outside the 7 core of Shadow Garden. Beyond her unique personality, she possesses an intriguing appearance that is hard to forget."

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