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The Ending of Rurouni Kenshin's Story, Really Unexpected!

The Ending of Rurouni Kenshin's Story, Really Unexpected!

Do you already know the ending of Rurouni Kenshin's story?

Kenshin Himura's adventures have become one of the most popular stories thanks to the Samurai X manga by Nobuhiro Watsuki. 

But what is the real ending of Kenshin Himura's story? 

Almost all Geeks may know the character of Kenshin Himura from the Rurouni Kenshin story. 

He was a samurai who had killed many people when he was still active as a cold-blooded killer.

However, he then swore not to take anyone's life again. Kenshin's journey throughout the Samurai X story truly brings a lot of excitement and tension. 

Despite that, the first manga is known to have been completed in 1999. 

So, what happened to Kenshin Himura's story in the manga version?

Kenshin Hasn't Died Yet

The Ending of Rurouni Kenshin's Story, Really Unexpected!

Many fans thought that Kenshin Himura had already died. 

This is understandable because most fans watched the anime version. 

After abruptly stopping in the third season, there was no continuation of the story. 

Therefore, fans could only rely on the OVA storyline presented by Watsuki to know the continuation of Kenshin's adventures. 

In the OVA storyline, Rurouni Kenshin: Reflection, Kenshin Himura was shown to have died.

Previously, Kenshin appeared to be adventuring again for fifteen years. He left his wife, Kamiya Kaoru, and his son, Kenji Himura. 

However, he later died due to a mysterious illness. Kaoru herself was also shown to have died after deliberately infecting herself with Kenshin's disease. 

It is worth noting that this storyline is not part of Watsuki's canon.

In the manga's actual ending, Kenshin Himura is still alive. He is alive and even happy. 

This is because Watsuki himself stated that he wanted Kenshin to have a happy ending. 

For some fans, Kenshin's adventure storyline ended when he finished fighting Shisio and Enishi Yukishiro at the end of the story.

Kenshin is then shown to have married Kaoru and had a son, Kenji Himura. 

He then passed on his Sakabato sword to Kenshin and Kaoru's student, Yahiko. 

Afterward, Kenshin Himura lived his daily life peacefully. However, in 2016, Watsuki decided to bring back the continuation of Kenshin Himura's story.

Back to Adventure

The Ending of Rurouni Kenshin's Story, Really Unexpected!

Even though Kenshin Himura has a happy ending at the end of his manga story, a surprise then appeared in 2016 where Nobuhiro Watsuki decided to return to presenting the adventure story of Kenshin Himura. 

Watsuki himself then presented a new storyline which was later named the Hokkaido arc. 

The storyline is a sequel to the first manga.

This arc shows how Kenshin Himura returns to using his sword to go on an adventure to Hokkaido. 

However, this time the mission is different where he deliberately goes to Hokkaido to find the whereabouts of Kaoru's father-in-law. 

This is because previously one of their students at Dojo Kamiya, Kubota Asahi, had gotten a photo from Kaoru's father from the Yaminobu group.

Kaoru's father, Kamiya Koshijiro, was previously thought to have died in the Seinan war. 

Knowing this, Kenshin then returned to take his Sakabato from Yahiko. 

The entire Kenshin family and their three students, Inoue Alan, Hasegawa Ashitarou, and Kubota Asahi, then go to Hokkaido on an adventure to find Kaoru's father-in-law.

However, the adventure to find Kamiya Kaoru's father-in-law is not as easy as they think. 

The reason is, at this time, they also have to face another tough challenge. 

They are shown to have to face a criminal group that is destructive and chaotic in Japanese territory, namely Kenkaku Heiki. 

Currently, in chapter 50 yesterday it was shown how Kenshin and his group tried to get information about Kenkaku Heiki's headquarters from one of his commanders Igou Byakuya Itekura.

His body begins to weaken

The Ending of Rurouni Kenshin's Story, Really Unexpected!

Apart from Kenshin Himura who then has a desire to return to adventure in Hokkaido with his family and students, as well as looking for the whereabouts of his father-in-law and saving Japan from Kenkaku Heiki's attacks, Kenshin himself must face one big enemy within himself. 

He had to accept the fact that his physical condition had begun to weaken.

In this Hokkaido arc, Kenshin is indeed shown to be still capable of dealing with various strong enemies that exist. 

However, this does not cover the fact that his body has begun to weaken. Whether this is due to the effects of the disease is still unknown. 

However, there is a strong possibility that this is the culmination or result of the various battles he has faced over the decades.

For now, it is still unknown how long Watsuki will present the story of Kenshin and his students in the Hokkaido arc. 

However, one thing is certain, after all these adventures in Hokkaido are over Kenshin might actually decide to retire after realizing the weakness or decreasing strength of his body.

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