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One Piece: 4 Secrets Robin Hides from Luffy!

The figure of Nico Robin is the most important character both in the Straw Hats and in the world of One Piece. 

Her knowledge of history and also the Poneglyph makes Robin the target of many people.

However, of course that is not the main focus of why Luffy wants to recruit Robin into his crew. 

Apart from all these things, Robin joining the Straw Hats is really something extraordinary.

Robin has an important and very large role in the group. 

However, what's interesting is that without Luffy realizing it turns out that Robin has a secret that he has never revealed to the captain. 

Then, what are the things that Robin didn't tell Luffy?

Making a Deal With CP-9

At the beginning of Robin's joining the Straw Hat crew after the Alabasta One Piece arc, Robin was still the target of the World Government. 

Because of that, they then sent one of their secret groups, the CP-9.

The group finally managed to find Robin's location which turned out to be in Water Seven. Rob Lucci and the CP-9 group then struck a deal with Robin. 

If he would follow CP-9's orders to go with them, then the Straw Hats would be free to leave Water Seven.

On the other hand, if Robin refuses to comply with their wishes, then it is certain that Water Seven will be destroyed by the Buster Call. Finally, Robin chose the second option. 

And this is what became the beginning of the Enies Lobby arc moment, where Luffy and the Straw Hats tried to save Robin.

Not Telling Sabo Is Still Alive

In One Piece's Dressrosa arc, we saw how Sabo had a chance to meet members of the Straw Hats. 

At that time, Sabo wanted to see Luffy's unconscious condition. 

Luffy himself initially never knew if Sabo was actually still alive.

As we know, when the time-skip occurred, Nico Robin spent two years with the Revolutionary Army. 

At that time, Robin learned many things including getting to know many people, one of which was Sabo.

Before Sabo drove Nico Robin back to Sabaody, Sabo actually asked for help to keep their meeting a secret from Luffy. 

Robin himself did not know that Luffy thought Sabo was dead.

However, in the end, Luffy and Sabo met at the Colosseum during the tournament. 

Their meeting takes place inside the Colosseum, where Sabo asks permission to win and eat the Mera Mera devil fruit.

At first, Luffy didn't realize that the figure was Sabo. 

Until then he revealed various facts about them when they were little. Luffy was crying and happy when he met Sabo again.

Know About Poseidon

In the fish-man island arc, we see a moment where Nico Robin has a conversation with the ruler of the region, Neptune. 

In the conversation, Robin admitted that in the previous two years he had read the Poneglyphs about Ancient Weapons.

The Ancient Weapon written in the Poneglyph mentions Poseidon and also its location. 

Robin then concludes that Poseidon is a human or a person, and not an object. Poseidon is a mermaid who once lived in the same era as Joy Boy.

When Luffy and the Straw Hat crew were on a sky island and were invited to Ryugu's palace, and learned that there was a princess Shirahoshi, Robin became even more convinced that Poseidon was on the island. 

However, he still kept the information to himself.

Until then he met and communicated with Neptune, and revealed everything he knew. 

Neptune himself later confirmed what Robin knew, saying that the Poseidon was Shirahoshi. And this is the reason why Neptune is so protective of his son.

Information About Pluton

The most recent is how Nico Robin kept the information about the existence of Pluton a secret. 

We can see this in chapter 1053 yesterday, where Robin finally talked with the figure of Kozuki Sukiyaki.

It turns out that Sukiyaki is disguised as Tenguyama Hitetsu. 

He deliberately did that in order to survive and avoid the threat of Orochi and Kaido. 

In his conversation with Sukiyaki, Nico Robin again confirmed what he knew from the Poneglyphs in Alabasta.

According to Robin, one of the other Ancient Weapons, Pluton, was apparently not stored in Alabasta but in Wano. Sukiyaki then confirmed this. 

However, there is no information on the exact whereabouts of Pluton.

Based on this, we can conclude that Robin actually knows or understands that Pluton is not stored in Alabasta. 

And he decided to keep the information a secret from Luffy, and only revealed it when the time was right.

The Reason Robin Keeps Everything A Secret

The big question then is why did Robin keep it all a secret from Luffy? Of course, Robin has her own reasons why she does this. 

For example, Robin wants to make sure in advance that the information is correct.

Robin can indeed read or translate the Poneglyphs. 

However, it is not necessarily the information that appears is fact. That's why, at least Robin confirmed the truth first before then shared it with the Straw Hat crew.

Another possibility is that Robin knows that Luffy wouldn't care about such a thing. 

Robin understands what Luffy looks like, so he knows what is good for Luffy. 

He probably thought that there was another way to help Luffy realize his dream which was to entrust all of those things to him.

In addition to the points above, it is not impossible if Robin also keeps other information from Luffy in the One Piece story. 

However, the most important thing is that Robin did this on purpose not to hurt his friends but to protect them.

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