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5 Unique Facts About Epsilon, the Leading Pianist of Shadow Garden

Epsilon Shadow Garden

A Member with Magic Control Skills Approaching Shadow

In Shadow Garden, one of the prevalent powers of this organization is magic; yes, all members of this group are highly skilled in using magic.

One of the most proficient members in wielding magic is Epsilon. This elf can control magic exceptionally well.

As one of the core members of Shadow Garden, she takes great pride in her abilities.

For all you hardcore Epsilon fans, let's check out some unique facts about her:

5 Unique Facts About Epsilon

Epsilon Shadow Garden

1. Slender Figure

Among all the members of Shadow Garden, Epsilon has a captivating appearance. 

Her body is exceptionally slender, and it's no secret; all the women in the Epsilon family have long been known for their slim figures. 

Therefore, it's not surprising that Epsilon shares a similar body shape. On the flip side, Epsilon also inherits another characteristic from her family – her petite and small stature. 

She skillfully transforms her small frame through precise magic control, manipulating slime.

2. Exceptional Magic Control

Within the ranks of Shadow Garden, Epsilon is the second-best when it comes to magic control, right below Shadow himself. 

She can control her magic down to the smallest details and maintain it for extended periods. 

For instance, she can manipulate her small body intricately using slime manipulation and sustain it daily.

3. Guarding a Big Secret

In addition to manipulating her petite form, Epsilon also manipulates the size of her chest to appear much larger. 

Only a view person know about this significant secret. She guards this secret fiercely and doesn't hesitate to confront anyone who discovers it. 

This was evident in the first season of the anime when she was suddenly attacked, and the assailant successfully destroyed the slime on her chest. 

Although she quickly restored it to its original form within a fraction of a second, she was genuinely furious and immediately confronted her attacker.

4. Shiron the Pianist

Similar to Beta, Epsilon also has an identity outside of Shadow Garden – Shiron, the genius pianist. 

She has earned numerous accolades for her original works, even though all of her creations are plagiarized from Cid's world. 

Leveraging her identity as a renowned pianist, she can freely enter high-profile circles, gather valuable information, and expand connections for the benefit of Shadow Garden.

5. Can Heal Demon Possession

Epsilon is one of the three individuals in Shadow Garden capable of healing Demon Possession, alongside Shadow and Alpha. 

With her formidable magic control, she can easily master the healing magic for Demon Possession. Similar to Alpha, she learned directly from Shadow or Cid about the magic to cure Demon Possession.

Overall, Epsilon is a remarkably unique character in Shadow Garden. Behind her attention-grabbing appearance lies a colossal secret.

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