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Where Did The Holy Grail Go on FGO? Here's The Explanation

Where Did The Holy Grail Go on FGO? Here's The Explanation

Perhaps players who follow FGO will be a little confused and ask questions about the holy grail that has been obtained in the game.

"Where did the Holy Grail that was collected in the singularity disappear? Why don't you just use the Holy Grail for requests so that the Lostbelt doesn't happen", are these questions also your questions? The following discussion.

As part of the Human Incineration, Solomon sent Art Graph Holy Grails which functioned as giant Mana Batteries that were sent to seven key points in Human History to spread chaos and aid in its destruction.

This Holy Grail in FGO seems to function similarly to the Holy Grail in other more famous series, but is also capable of causing extreme changes to history that lead to the production of the Singularity.

Destroying or securing the Holy Grail is necessary to complete the Singularity created by the Holy Grail.

The Fantasy Tree in Lostbelt also appears to produce the Holy Grail or something similar to the Holy Grail when the Fantasy Tree is destroyed, perhaps the Holy Grail is also formed as a fusion of the remaining Magic Energy.

Where Did The Holy Grail Go on FGO? Here's The Explanation

Occasionally, a small scale Singularity will occur but dissipate without causing any significant problems, resulting in a Holy Grail of concentrated Magical Energy, although this Holy Grail does not have the power to be considered a truly omnipotent wish granter, it can still be very dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands.

Leonardo da Vinci was in charge of collecting and storing this Holy Grail, sometimes the Holy Grail was given to Servants in Chaldea for fun or to allow Servants to strengthen themselves through a process known as Palingenesis.

In essence, the Holy Grail generated in FGO cannot be used to grant requests, let alone requests like "may the Lostbelt disappear".

In conclusion, the Holy Grail in FGO can still be used to grant requests but this is not its main function, even if it is used to grant requests, it depends on how big the request is and which amount you have enough or not to reach the request.

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