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Btooom!!!, Next Level Action Survival Anime

Btooom!!!, Next Level Action Survival Anime

Even though this anime has a pretty strange title, this anime is not weird in its storyline. This anime itself has a story that is quite interesting and very worth watching, in my opinion this anime has an interesting storyline, unique characters, decent animation, and a storyline that is difficult to predict.

so this anime tells the story of Sakamoto Ryouta who is an unemployed 22-year-old who still lives with his parents (1 adoptive father). In the real world he is known as an ordinary person, but when in the game world (BTOOOM) he is among the world's elite, even ranked number 9 in the world and number 1 in Japan.

Living with his parents and still unemployed, he always played the BTOOOM game every time, until one day he woke up on a tropical island and did not remember how and why he was there. On the island he walked aimlessly and didn't know what to do, until he saw someone and called him for help.

But the person Ryouta meets instead throws a bomb at him, until he realizes that his life is now in danger and somehow he thinks that he has been trapped in the real life version of his favorite game (BTOOOM).

In this real version of BTOOOM the game is a combination of action anime game concepts (Become real, survival, battle royale) all here. On the other hand, this anime shows a group of humans who have to survive by killing with fear, threats and scenes that play with the emotions of the audience, and flashbacks that explain the mysteries in the anime, as well as the background of anime characters that are very unexpected.

Btooom!!!, Next Level Action Survival Anime

For the visual quality of this anime, it is quite worth watching. The setting of this anime is told on a tropical island, which is dominated by green leaves.

The BGM of this anime is outstanding, the sound effects of the bombs, the sound effects when the players act are very fitting and extraordinary (what's more if you watch it while using earphones or headphones). So in addition to the visuals that are ok, the viewing atmosphere will also be more ok because of the cool audio quality. For the OST itself, the song is very good, you could say it's cool for an anime like that.

The details of the workmanship of the BTOOOM anime characters are made interestingly, unlike in ordinary anime where the faces of each anime character are similar (just different hairstyles) but in the Btooom anime everything is different.  Sakamoto's character is shown with a medium body and a slightly handsome face, while Himiko is depicted with a European-style woman who has blonde hair and a good body.

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