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5 Unique Facts about Nu, the Most Sadistic Member of Shadow Garden


Nu Shadow Garden

The cruelty behind her charming face

Beyond the seven main members of Shadow Garden, there are many other members with extraordinary abilities. 

One of them is Nu, a human member of Shadow Garden. Her abilities are unquestionable, showcasing proficiency in many areas.

However, beyond all that, there are some interesting facts about this character. Curious to know what those facts are? Let's discuss them together.

5 Unique Facts About Nu

Nu Shadow Garden

1. Obedient Noble

Before joining Shadow Garden, Nu was from a noble family. During her childhood, she was highly obedient, always following her family's orders, even if it meant being a living puppet under their control. 

She didn't mind at all because she could feel a little happiness from it. After joining Shadow Garden and meeting Cid, she became extremely loyal to him because he granted her freedom

2. First Human in Shadow Garden

Shadow Garden members are typically victims of Demon Possession. It's important to note that elves have the highest likelihood of being affected, followed by beastkin, and lastly, humans. 

Hence, most members are elves and beastkin, with very few humans. Nu was the first human to join the organization.

3. Personal Guard of Gamma

Knowing Gamma's reckless nature, especially in the field, Alpha ordered Nu to become Gamma's personal guard. Nu also works at Mitsugoshi, allowing her to be close to Gamma at all times.

4. Bearer of Number 13

Nu's abilities are truly formidable, both in combat and information gathering. 

Recognizing her quick proficiency, Alpha acknowledged her talents, and she was assigned the number 13 within the organization, placing her strength just below the top 7 members of Shadow Garden.

5. Friendly yet Cruel

While working at Mitsugoshi, Nu wears a sweet smile for all visitors and is exceptionally friendly to all customers. 

However, behind this facade, she possesses a terrifying side. In terms of interrogation, Nu is ruthless. 

She won't hesitate to torture her targets until they divulge information. Nu's sadistic nature is showcased in the 8th episode of the second season when Cid's school friends bring entrance tickets to Mitsugoshi Onsen Land. 

Despite knowing they are Cid's friends, she doesn't hesitate to scold them, applying immense emotional pressure.

Overall, Nu is an underrated character in the anime series, often overlooked by many. She is genuinely intriguing, and many eagerly await the episode where Nu takes center stage.

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