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One Punch Man: Why Was Saitama Not Included in S-Class Heroes?

One Punch Man: Why Was Saitama Not Included in S-Class Heroes?

The main protagonist in the One Punch Man series, Saitama, is known as a character who has extraordinary powers. 

He can destroy various enemies or monsters with just one hit. 

Indeed, for now, the origins of Saitama's powers are still a mystery. 

We still don't know if Saitama really got that awesome power through training or if someone gave him his powers.

Saitama then tries to take advantage of the power he has to become a hero. 

He chooses to be a hero even though it's actually just a hobby. 

Together with Genos, Saitama then registers with the hero association. 

What's interesting is that after being accepted, Saitama is actually a hero in class C.

Genos, who in fact is far below Saitama in strength, is actually in class A. 

Even though Saitama is currently in class B, of course the big question that arises among fans is why Saitama is not part of class S? 

One Punch Man: Why Was Saitama Not Included in S-Class Heroes?

There are several possibilities that can answer this.

First, the hero association doesn't understand Saitama's level of power. 

Technically, Saitama's level of strength is beyond reason and this is shown during the entrance exam. 

Saitama did all the exams with ease, even setting many records. 

Logically, the examiner can certainly see how the level of physical strength of Saitama.

The hero association also doesn't know what Saitama's strengths are, or what his weaknesses are. 

Because Saitama's level of strength is not understood by the hero association, they put Saitama in class C. 

Another possibility, because Saitama did not intend to become an S class hero.

One Punch Man: Why Was Saitama Not Included in S-Class Heroes?

As mentioned above, for Saitama being a hero is a mere pastime and hobby. 

He didn't really have the desire to be a great hero or to be the savior of the world, as most people would. 

Because of this Saitama is quite difficult to be in class S, because he is rarely involved in various events.

Saitama often decides to restrain himself when there are enemies or monsters. 

He had hoped that if he interfered everything would fall apart in an instant, and he was tired of it. 

That's why Saitama often comes at critical moments. 

For example, when there is a Deep Sea King attack, there is a meteor strike towards the earth, or when there is an Elder Centipede attack.

The last possibility has something to do with Saitama's power. 

In addition to the hero associations not understanding Saitama's level of power, they also often get reports that those who managed to subdue or defeat dangerous monsters were other people, and not Saitama. 

One Punch Man: Why Was Saitama Not Included in S-Class Heroes?

In fact, in fact Saitama did it.

And this is also what is happening at this time, where King is known as the strongest hero in the world, besides Blast and Tatsumaki. 

However, the real fact is that everything he ever did was the doing of Saitama. 

People never know what's going on and often give credit to someone else, and not Saitama.

However, it does make sense. 


With the level of saitama's power is very extraordinary, we often see how saitama destroys everything very easily and quickly. 

So fast, people may not realize and not believe that Saitama did it.

This has something to do with appearance, where Saitama's appearance can't convince people that he really has great abilities. 

People just don't believe that Saitama did it and they don't believe that Saitama has tremendous power. 

Because, in appearance he looks normal, nothing special. 

It's different with the figure of King.

King is known to have a scary appearance, especially with a scar on his eye. 

This makes people believe that King is indeed a strong character, which in fact is the opposite. 

King has nothing that can help him carry out his duties or missions as a hero. 

It remains unknown whether people will finally find out just how formidable Saitama's level of power is.

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