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One Piece 1087 Spoilers Reddit: Tenryuubito Becomes a Hero But Gets a Punishment?

Spoilers for the next One Piece 1087 release have appeared for One Piece fans to know.

The entire One Piece fandom and nakama around the world continue to feel tense due to the stories that are presented.

With One Piece spoilers, of course, it gives a separate picture for fans so that they know a little about the core of the story that will be presented.

So it's not surprising that there's a lot of information that gives rise to One Piece spoilers for One Piece lovers to know.

Here are some of the One Piece 1087 spoilers that fans have been waiting for:

The story of Mjosgard, Tenryuubito

From this One Piece manga spoiler that tells about a Tenryuubito who is very good and becomes a hero, but instead gets a severe punishment.

He is Mjosgard, a somewhat annoying Tenryuubito who has been helped by Otohime.

At first, Mjosgard seemed unconcerned even though he had been saved from the danger that had befallen him.

However, at Levely it has been revealed that Mjosgard has gone through a change. This is because, he is willing to kill St. Charlos in saving Shirahoshi.

This is because, the person who has hit is a fellow Tenryuubito. In fact, CP-0 also cannot take any action to help.

Not only that, this is definitely different from the Tenryuubito which usually looks very arrogant.

Mjosgard is also willing to apologize to the Ryugu royal delegation.

Apparently, Mjosgard is also the only Donquixote family who has a very noble heart when he is alive today.

However, it is unfortunate that for now he has been executed for providing protection to fishmen.

The Thrilling Appearance of the Holy Knights

At this very touching moment, it is also one of the most astonishing parts.

Because, the Holy Knight Mjosgard received a very severe sentence and would later be executed by the Holy Knight.

The leader of the Holy Knights has appeared with the name Saint Garling Figarland which is not much different from the Gorosei.

Garling has a look with sunglasses and long spiky hair. Besides that, in terms of his own stature, he has a beard that is similar to the shape of a crescent moon.

Those are some very interesting story reviews from the presence of One Piece 1087 spoilers.

Look forward to the next story in chapter 1087 which will be released next week.

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