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Jujutsu Kaisen 228: The Revelation of One of Sukuna's Greatness!

The battle between the two strongest characters in Jujutsu Kaisen is starting to show a worrisome situation where Gojo is reaching his limits. Meanwhile, Sukuna continues to display his terrifying cards.

What is the situation of the duel between these powerful sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 228? Here's the discussion!

1. It is revealed that Gojo can shrink his domain thanks to his experience in the Prison Realms

In chapter 227, Gojo is shown successfully shrinking the Unlimited Void to the size of a basketball.

This naturally sparked a debate. Some thought it was impossible to do so considering there have been cases where barriers were much larger than what was seen. However, according to Kusakabe, it is impossible under normal circumstances.

The reason is that a concrete image is required in the creation of a barrier. Imagining a very small volume would cause the barrier to collapse on its own.

However, Choso realizes that Gojo has actually learned the trick of shrinking the size of his domain while imprisoned in the Prison Realms.

According to Mei Mei, the reason Gojo did this was likely to shrink the effective area of Sukuna's Malevolent Shrine.

2. Both domains collapse

Right after that conversation, the Unlimited Void starts to shake again and releases a number of Sukuna's slashes from within.

And indeed, Gojo's domain collapses again. But at the same time, the Malevolent Shrine also crumbles.

Apparently, when Sukuna managed to destroy the Unlimited Void with the effect of the Malevolent Shrine, Gojo successfully attacked him fatally, causing the cursed king to fail to maintain his domain.

3. Sukuna is revealed to have a terrifying fast learning ability

After the collapse of both domains, both fighters are unable to use their techniques optimally.

The only way for both of them to fight again with cursed techniques is to use Gojo's trick of using reverse cursed techniques to restore their special powers.

This is where Gojo made a mistake by showing that trick in front of Sukuna.

Yup, Sukuna is revealed to be able to quickly learn any trick of using cursed techniques. For example, he can convert his soul into a talisman after seeing Kenjaku perform the process on himself.

So, it is highly likely that Sukuna can also restore his own cursed techniques with reverse curses like Gojo.

4. Gojo wonders why Sukuna doesn't use the Ten Shadows technique

During the battle, there is a lingering question in Gojo's mind.

He wonders why Sukuna refuses to use any other cursed technique besides Dismantle and Cleave, which are directly related to the Malevolent Shrine, even when they are inside the Domain Expansion.

From this, Gojo speculates that Sukuna's reason is related to Mahoraga.

This speculation is further supported by the image of the Mahoraga wheel emitting tinkling sounds.

5. Gojo starts to experience a nosebleed

After successfully keeping up with Sukuna in the battle several times, Gojo begins to reach his limit.

His nose is shown starting to bleed. From this condition, it is strongly suspected that it is due to the excessive use of his cursed technique during the ongoing battle.

That's the discussion about the revelation of one of Sukuna's greatness in his duel against Gojo.

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