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One Piece 1087 Spoilers Reddit: Garp Loses the Fight Against Aokji?

Finally, what the fans have been waiting for has appeared. Oda sensei is back after a long post-surgery break. One piece 1087 continues the battle between Garp vs Aokiji.

Still on Hachinosu Island, Blackbeard's pirate base. Garp and his army attack this island, to save Koby.

Apart from dealing with members of the Blackbeard pirates, Garp also faced his former student, Aokiji who defected from the navy.

The panels of One Piece 1087 manga tell flashbacks to when Garp trained young Aokiji.

Garp even used battleships as a training tool.

In the midst of the battle with Aokiji, Garp also protected Koby, Shiryu took advantage of this moment by stabbing Garp.

Even though he was injured, Garp continued to exchange blows with Aokiji using Haki, which resulted in a huge explosive effect.

In the last panel of One Piece 1087 manga, Garp is depicted lying on the ground. He calmed Koby by saying, "Justice will prevail."

The theory behind Aokiji and Garp's fight

After his fierce battle against Akainu at Punk Hazard, Aokiji decided to leave the navy.

Having appeared several times in the One Piece manga, Aokiji surprised the fans by appearing as a member of the Blackbeard pirates, then becoming Garp's opponent.

A handful of theories have sprung up regarding the reasons behind Aokiji joining Luffy's main enemy.

Starting from Aokiji using Blackbeard to take revenge on Akainu, until he becomes a spy who will monitor all the actions of one of the rulers of this sea.

However, the battle between Aokiji and Garp, is believed to be an attempt by Kuzan (another name for Aokiji) to gain Blackbeard's trust.

Blackbeard, who was able to steal other users' devil fruit abilities, began to be seen as a threat to the world government.

Thus, many fans have speculated that Aokiji is still a marine member on a mission.

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