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One Piece: Luffy's Destiny Is Dead?

One Piece: Luffy's Destiny Is Dead?

The peak moment of the battle between Kaido and Luffy in the Wano Country arc in the One Piece series is finally over. 

Luffy won the fight after he managed to defeat Kaido. 

The battle between these two powerful figures is actually fierce and epic. 

Luffy had previously been defeated several times by Kaido's attacks which finally made Luffy unconscious.

Despite that, Luffy always manages to bounce back. 

In fact, when Luffy fell into the sea, he managed to get back up. In chapter 1043 yesterday we saw how Luffy was hit by Kaido's kanabo attack. 

This happened because Luffy was careless, and his attention was distracted by the appearance of agent CP-0.

The effect of Kaido's devastating attack made Luffy finally return to being unconscious. 

However, Luffy later revived after he managed to awaken his devil fruit power. And the fight happened again, where the situation began to turn around. 

Due to his devil fruit awakening, Luffy finally managed to keep up with Kaido. 

In fact, at the end of chapter 1049 Luffy finally managed to beat Kaido until he was declared defeated.

Although we still don't know what will happen next, whether this third act will be the last chapter in the Wano Country arc, Oda Sensei has already prepared the final story. 

This is based on an upload on the series' official account, which states that Oda Sensei is preparing for the final Saga and that's why he decided to take a month's vacation.

One Piece End Prediction

One Piece: Luffy's Destiny Is Dead?

With the end of the Wano Country arc, it means that there is only one step left before we get to the final story. 

Many fans then speculate about what will happen at the end of the story. 

One of the speculations that is quite widely heard is the possibility that Luffy will die at the end of the story.

Monkey D. Luffy is the main protagonist in the One Piece series. 

Luffy is one of the strongest characters at the moment, and we can see how Luffy experiences a very significant increase in strength in each of his latest arcs. 

An obvious example of this is the Wano Country arc.

As we also know, Luffy has always aspired to become a pirate, and also become the king of pirates. 

And like shonen stories or teen drama stories in general, that dream will most likely come true at the end of the story after the hard struggle that Luffy and his crew went through.

Even so, some fans believe that Luffy might die at the end of the series, just like the figure of Gol D. Roger. 

This speculation is not without cause. 

One of the biggest reasons is the possibility that Luffy's age may not be long after the events and moments he has experienced so far.

Luffy is a figure who never cares about anything, including his own life. 

He did this to help other people. 

The use of Gear Second is one example of how Luffy is not aware that he has shortened his age. 

This technique makes Luffy have to pump his blood throughout the body at high speed.

This Luffy did in order to increase the speed and power of his attacks. 

Rob Lucci is someone who knows the weaknesses of the technique. 

According to him, what Luffy did with Gear Second was a way to destroy his own body. 

And Rob Lucci's words are indeed reasonable.

The Reason Luffy Died

One Piece: Luffy's Destiny Is Dead?

The side effect of Gear Second being able to shorten the user's lifespan is exacerbated by how Luffy uses this technique very often and relies heavily on his technique. 

Apart from using Gear Second, another reason why Luffy might die at the end of the series is the terrible moment in Impel Down.

In order to save Luffy from Magellan's poison, Emporio Ivankov uses his hormone powers to expel all the poison. This process can be said to have reduced Luffy's life ration quite a lot. 

Luffy himself managed to survive thanks to his great determination to live. 

Not to mention during the great war at Marineford, Luffy had another chance to get an adrenaline shot from Ivankov, which again reduced Luffy's life ration.

Some other fans also speculate that the use of Gear Third and Fourth has the same side effects as Gear Second, although the story itself is not explicitly presented. 

And the most recent example is how Luffy managed to activate his devil fruit awakening.

In the fight against Kaido, Luffy has been unconscious several times. 

However, he managed to get back up. 

And when the devil fruit awakening occurred, Luffy did manage to increase his strength many times. 

However, in one moment, Luffy ran out of stamina and strength before he heard the drums of freedom. And after that, Luffy recovered.

The moment of awakening Luffy's devil fruit and the moment where Luffy regains his strength after unconscious, it feels like it will reduce Luffy's life rations by a very large amount. 

The reason is, in chapter 1043 itself we have seen how Luffy's "life" seems to have come out of his body.

Parallel With Roger 

One Piece: Luffy's Destiny Is Dead?

Based on the various factors that have been explained that is why then Luffy will likely die at a relatively young age like Gol D. Roger. 

Roger's own age when he was executed by the navy was 53 years. 

Luffy's own age is currently in his 20s, which means that Luffy will probably die at the age of 30-40 years.

Roger himself decided to end his life by surrendering himself to the navy because he knew that his life would not be long. 

Moreover, he has a mysterious disease for which there is no cure. 

Unlike Luffy, he doesn't have any disease. 

However, his life ration was drastically reduced due to his use all this time.

Luffy's death at a young age will certainly be a parallel or similarity with Roger's figure. 

Even though there are predictions that Luffy will die at a young age, Luffy will still have many big and exciting adventures. 

The story of Luffy's death will probably appear in the epilogue of the series, once it's all over.

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