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One Piece 1087 Spoilers Reddit: The War on Egghead Island Begins!

One Piece 1087 Spoilers Reddit: The War on Egghead Island Begins!

One Piece chapter 1087 spoilers might bring us back to the important events that are currently happening on Egghead Island. 

We might see the fighting power of a Gorosei against enemies. 

The last few chapters of the One Piece manga are truly extraordinary. 

Oda begins to present answers to various big secrets that have not been answered so far.

An example is what happened in the Reverie event. 

There are many moments that occur during Reverie, one of which is the murder of Nefertari Cobra. 

However, other than that, it turns out that other terrible moments also occurred when Reverie like us finally saw the power of Im and the Gorosei. 

Then, what do you think will happen in the next chapter?

One Piece 1087 Spoilers

One Piece 1087 Spoilers Reddit: The War on Egghead Island Begins!

One Piece chapter 1087 is likely to continue what happened before. 

We will still see the events after the killing of Cobra by Im and the Gorosei. 

However, the focus of the story this time will shift to the Revolutionary Army. 

Sabo was previously shown making it back to the island of Kamabakka thanks to help from the residents of Lulusia.

Sabo then told a lot about what really happened, including who actually killed Nefertari Cobra and about Im's figure to Ivankov and Dragon. 

In chapter 1086, we see how they begin to uncover the veil of mystery about Im's figure and even about the Ancient Weapons. 

They also mentioned that Im might have used the immortality power of the Ope Ope devil fruit.

It is possible that in chapter 1087 we will see more stories about the Revolutionary Army. 

We will see how their plans go forward, their plans to face Im and the Gorosei, and their plans to face the Holy Knights. 

It is not impossible that one of the big plans they made was to (again) invade Mary Geoise in full force.

If that's the case, it means that the war against the World Government will begin soon and we will see the might of the Holy Knights and maybe the Dragons. 

Apart from the possibility that the story will focus more on the Revolutionary Army and also that the battle against the World Government will begin soon, chapter 1087 may also return to Egghead Island.

Spoilers for One Piece 1087 Continuation

One Piece 1087 Spoilers Reddit: The War on Egghead Island Begins!

After tens of chapters we saw the situation that happened outside Egghead, chapter 1087 will again see what is currently happening on Egghead Island. 

Currently, the Straw Hats are divided into several groups to search for Vegapunk with his satellites. 

However, a surprise then appeared when a traitor appeared where the traitor almost took their lives.

The traitor turned out to be one of Vegapunk's satellites, York. 

In the previous chapter, it was shown that York locked up the real Vegapunk and the Cipher Pol agents who had been sent by the World 

Government to investigate Egghead Island. York turns out to be working with the Gorosei to destroy Vegapunk, which is why he was betrayed by the Gorosei. 

York himself admits he has plans for now.

The Seraphim have also been given special orders by York, which are still unknown what these orders are. 

Meanwhile, an unexpected alliance of Zoro, Kaku, Lucci, and Luffy chased the Seraphim who fled from the fight. 

A big mystery also appeared when the ship belonging to Blackbeard's group arrived at Egghead Island. 

The fans are curious who got on the ship and what is the purpose of coming to Egghead.

If Blackbeard's crew did appear in this situation, it would mean that they really added to the current chaos. 

And the last possibility, the most anticipated is the battle between the Gorosei and marines against the Straw Hat crew. 

The marines finally mobilized all of their fleets towards Egghead Island.

In fact, they were also accompanied by a Gorosei who was in charge of scientific matters, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. 

They might eventually arrive at Egghead's island and unexpected situations might occur after their appearance. 

The battle may not only be against the Seraphim, but also the Gorosei and the great naval powers. 

A pinnacle war moment like at Marineford would probably happen in this case.

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