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One Piece 1087 Spoilers: Vivi Will Reveal The Truth In The Holy Land Of Marijoa

In One Piece 1087 the Void Century occurred around 800 or 900 years ago and to this day there are still many mysteries related to the Void Century that have not been fully revealed.

The World Government always tries to close meetings about the void century so that this remains a question mark for the people in One Piece 1087.

But in One Piece 1087 we already know a little about the Void Century, in the void century there was a war between the ancient kingdoms against the alliance of 20 kingdoms the winner of the war was the alliance of 20 kingdoms so they could establish a World Government.

We also know that in the void century there were important figures who played a big role, one of which was a legendary figure known as Joy Boy.

During the emptiness era, not only Joy Boy, but also several other important figures in that era also had their successors.

Those successors will take massive action in the present era and they will play an important role in bringing down the World Government.

That way, the emergence of the successors of the important figures of the void century will become a nightmare for the World Government, especially for Im-sama.

In chapter 908 there is an interesting moment where Im-sama is holding Vivi's photo. At that time it is unknown why Im-sama is holding the photo.

However, as time goes by, we can see a flashback story in Marijoa.

There it was revealed about a legendary figure named Nefertari Lili, she was the Queen of the kingdom of Alabasta 800 years ago and also had the initial D.

In other words all of the Nefertari family including King Kobra and Vivi actually had the initial D too in the past.

According to Im-sama, Queen Lili is the cause of the Poneglyphs spreading throughout the world.

It is most likely because of that reason that Queen Lili was killed by Im-sama so her existence disappeared.

Im-sama knows Queen Lili personally, so the reason why she is holding Vivi's photo seems to be because Vivi looks a lot like Queen Lili.

Even though the distance between Ratu Lili and Vivi is very far, since they are both Nefertari's family, it is not strange if there is a physical resemblance between the two.

Vivi as the successor of Nevertari Lily will do many great things that will also have a bad impact on the World Government.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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