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Summary of Sasuke Retsuden: Sasuke's Effort to Save Naruto!

Summary of Sasuke Retsuden: Sasuke's Effort to Save Naruto!

 The light novel Sasuke Retsuden has become a favorite spinoff story among fans, as it showcases Sasuke's efforts to save Naruto. 

The main storyline of the Naruto or Boruto series often focuses on the main character's journey and endeavors. 

For example, we see Naruto training and undertaking missions to fulfill his dream of becoming Hokage.

We also witness the tense situation in Konoha when Naruto goes missing in the Boruto story. H

owever, in spinoff stories, the writers have the freedom to explore different narratives outside the main plot. 

One such spinoff is the popular light novel, Sasuke Retsuden. 

So, what is the summary of this story?

Sasuke Retsuden: Save Naruto

Summary of Sasuke Retsuden: Sasuke's Effort to Save Naruto!

Set after the Fourth Great Ninja War, when Naruto and Sasuke are already married, Sasuke Retsuden centers around Sasuke's mission to save his friend, Uzumaki Naruto. 

After the epic battle, Naruto confesses that his body feels weak. 

It turns out that what Naruto is experiencing is not something ordinary. 

The flow of chakra in his body is disrupted.

Sasuke's wife and Naruto's close friend, Haruno Sakura, conducts research to understand the situation. 

It is discovered that something mysterious is happening within Naruto's body. 

His body can no longer handle Kurama's chakra, and the flow of chakra is hindered. 

Interestingly, Naruto's condition is a result of his status as a Jinchuriki.

Sakura discovers that Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the first Jinchuriki, experienced a similar situation. 

She begins searching for a cure and eventually finds one, leading to Hagoromo's recovery. 

However, Hagoromo concealed the location of the remedy in a secret place that is difficult for others to find.

Upon learning that his friend is sick and in danger, with Konoha on the line, Sasuke, along with his wife Sakura and Kakashi, embarks on a search. 

They eventually encounter Lyla and her mother, Kail, who reveal that clues about Naruto's and Hagoromo's illnesses are documented in a book. 

However, the book is located in a place called Tatar Observatory, situated in the ancient Redaku country.

Sasuke's Adventures in Redaku

Summary of Sasuke Retsuden: Sasuke's Effort to Save Naruto!

After getting this information, Sasuke then started his mission to find medicine and information about Naruto's illness at the Tatar Observatory. 

To be able to get in there, Sasuke then did a fairly daring method, namely disguising himself. 

He disguised himself as a prisoner, where the location of the Redaku state prison merged with the Tatar Observatory.

Many surprising things that Sasuke later found there. 

For example, how did it turn out that the Tatar Observatory was not just a star research site. 

There are terrible things that happen there such as prisoners who become slaves for Zansul or Zansuru figures. 

He is the head of the observatory as well as an archaeologist obsessed with dinosaurs.

The area around the observatory itself was full of various dinosaur fossils, which the prisoners were forced to do forced labor by digging up the fossils. 

What's interesting, it turns out that it's not only Sasuke who is in disguise there. 

Sakura also disguised herself as one of the researchers. 

They also work together to find clues about Hagoromo's disease and also the cure.

Sasuke and Sakura also find various horrible facts there. 

For example, how Zansul tries to revive a dead dinosaur. 

In fact, he also combines it with human DNA which allows humans to turn into dinosaurs. 

An example of this is Meno, another detainee at the Tatar Observatory.

Meno is able to turn into a dinosaur due to Zansul controlling Meno. 

He even had time to attack Sasuke several times. 

Initially, Sasuke didn't know what was going on where the Genjutsu attack didn't apply to him. Until then he realized that Meno and the dinosaur were different people. 

When Meno turned into a dinosaur, he lost control of his body. 

However, Sasuke managed to change that.

Sasuke's Final Mission

Summary of Sasuke Retsuden: Sasuke's Effort to Save Naruto!

Finding the Map of Heavens book that contains information about Ultra Particles that can heal Naruto is Sasuke's main mission in Redaku. 

And after so long in disguise, finally Sasuke and Sakura did their last act at the Tartar Observatory. 

They tried to free all the prisoners there, which of course did not go smoothly.

Zansul and a character named Jiji then try to stop the attempt. 

Jiji even betrayed Sakura where she was seriously injured by a poison knife stabbed by Jiji. 

Luckily, Sasuke managed to save Sakura's life by using Ultra Particle. 

What's interesting is at the end of the story Meno finally joins Sasuke and Sakura.

The three of them then fight against an army of dinosaurs and dragons resurrected by Zansul. 

However, the three of them were no longer worried once the other prisoners were in a safe place. 

The battle itself is truly epic, in which Zansul absolutely musters all the power of the dinosaur army at his disposal to destroy all three.

In fact, Zansul also resurrected a very large dinosaur that has the power of Ultra Particles. 

However, thanks to Sasuke using the Susanoo technique and how Sakura also showed off her skills, they finally defeated all of the troops. 

And also Zansu's big plan they finally managed to stop.

The last moment of Sasuke Retsuden itself ends sweetly and happily. 

You can see how Sasuke and Sakura returned home and in this moment the fans praised how the intimacy between Sakura and Sasuke finally appeared. 

The reason is, so far, Boruto's story has never presented that moment. 

And this moment also makes the fans happy.

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