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One Piece 1086: Legitimate, Shanks Figarland Leader of the Holy Knights!

One Piece 1086: Legitimate, Shanks Figarland Leader of the Holy Knights!

The figure of Shanks the Red Hair is probably the leader of the Holy Knight troop in the One Piece manga storyline. 

This speculation arose based on a new clue that appeared in the latest chapter spoiler. 

Holy Knights are a group belonging to the World Government that has just appeared in the story. 

They are known to be secret troops from Im and the Gorosei.

Holy Knights are also known to be a very violent group. This was based on the information that Im sent them to destroy the eight regions that no longer cooperated with the World Government. 

However, Oda hasn't shared much information regarding the Holy Knights. 

Even so, there was a possibility that Shanks was the leader of the Holy Knights.

Speculation about Shanks

One Piece 1086: Legitimate, Shanks Figarland Leader of the Holy Knights!

Since Oda showed the silhouettes of the Holy Knights in chapter 1083 yesterday, many speculations have arisen among fans. 

One of the highlights is the possibility that Shanks has a connection with the group. 

The biggest clue from the various speculations that were circulating was that the silhouette of a member of the Holy Knights looked similar to Shanks' figure.

Based on this, various speculations arose, for example Shanks was said to have a twin. 

The silhouette is considered to provide "confirmation" for other clues. 

For example, there is a difference in Shanks' face where when Shanks meets the Gorosei there is no visible scar on his face. 

Then, how Shanks got into the Gorosei's room is also another clue.

Apart from speculation that Shanks has a twin, the silhouette also raises other speculations that Shanks might be a former Holy Knight. 

Speculation that Shanks is a former Holy Knight is considered quite reasonable if we look at the various things that exist involving Shanks. 

For example, how powerful is Shanks' current strength like when he was fighting.

How Shanks rarely appears on the surface alias always goes under the radar without anyone knowing is considered another piece of evidence. 

As you know, Shanks is almost never involved in any major events or happenings. 

Precisely, he is the one who prevented these events or events. 

This is of course different from the other Yonko who are actually trying to get the world's attention.

Shanks is the Leader of the Holy Knights

One Piece 1086: Legitimate, Shanks Figarland Leader of the Holy Knights!

With regards to speculation that Shanks had connections with the Holy Knights, what if he was actually still part of that group? 

This was revealed in one of the points in the One Piece 1086 manga spoiler. 

The spoiler stated that Saint Mjosgard finally had to receive the death penalty. 

He was known to attack Saint Charlos while protecting Shirahoshi and was thought to be about to end his life.

The group that later received the task of becoming the executor of Saint Mjosgard was the Holy Knights. 

And according to the points, the leader of the Holy Knights was known to be from the Figarland family. 

For you who have forgotten about the Figarland family, Oda Sensei mentioned this name in 2022 yesterday. 

That is the family of the Shanks figure.

The fact that Shanks is part of the Figarland family is revealed in the special booklet for the film One Piece Film: Red, namely One Piece 4 Billion. 

The booklet reveals a bit of information about the Red Hair pirate crew and also information on Shanks' origins. 

In the booklet it is revealed that Shanks was found by Roger and Rayleigh in a chest while in God Valley. 

The booklet also reveals that Shanks is from the Figarland family which the Gorosei know him too.

With all the clues, the speculation that Shanks had deep connections to the Holy Knights was probably true. 

In fact, it could be that Shanks is the leader of the group of Holy Knights in the One Piece story. 

We should look forward to how great and awesome the Holy Knights will be in the next storyline.

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