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One Piece: 4 Facts about Figarland, the Mysterious Family

The Figarland family is one of the noble families that appear in the One Piece story, and there are several intriguing facts about this family. 

Noble families hold the highest caste in the One Piece world, and their position is above the common people. Sabo is an example of a character who comes from a noble family.

He is a descendant of nobility in the Goa Kingdom. Doflamingo and Rosinante are also other characters who come from noble families. 

Oda has introduced several noble families in the story, such as the Nefertari and Donquixote families. 

One noble family that has caught the attention of fans is the Figarland family. What are some of the facts about them?

Figarland Family in One Piece

The Figarland family is the family of one of the Yonko and a popular character, Shanks. 

As Geeks know, since his first appearance in the initial chapters or episodes of the One Piece series, fans have never known about Shanks' origin. 

Oda Sensei has never provided any information or touched upon Shanks' past.

Until Oda introduced a special booklet called "One Piece 4 Billion," which is part of the film Red. In the booklet, it is finally revealed that Shanks was first discovered by Roger inside a treasure chest while they were leaving God Valley. 

It turns out that he is also a member of a noble family named Figarland. However, there is no information about why Shanks was inside that chest.

Important Family

Besides revealing that Shanks is a member of a family called Figarland, it turns out that the Figarland family is not just an ordinary noble family. They are an important family within the World Government hierarchy. 

This is evidenced by the fact that the Gorosei (Five Elders) are familiar with the Figarland family, as mentioned in the booklet. However, there is no confirmation yet whether they are part of the Celestial Dragons or not.

How the Gorosei came to know or be familiar with the Figarland family certainly confirms their importance. 

They may be a family that has played a role in shaping the World Government. However, once again, there is no confirmation regarding this matter.

Leader of the Holy Knights

The fact that the Figarland family is the leader of the Holy Knights group was recently revealed in spoilers for One Piece manga Chapter 1086. 

The spoilers explain that Saint Mjosgard must face the death penalty for his previous act of beating Saint Charlos, and the Holy Knights are the ones executing the punishment to Saint Mjosgard.

What's interesting is that the chapter also reveals that the leader of the Holy Knights in One Piece is the Figarland family. 

This is the reason why the Gorosei are familiar with the Figarland family. 

And this might also be the reason why Shanks can freely be in Mary Geoise or in the Gorosei's chambers. It means that the Figarland family is a powerful family.

Possessing Mighty Power

Being the leader of the Holy Knights implies that the Figarland family is a family with tremendous power. 

In Chapter 1083, Dragon states that the Holy Knights are their true adversaries. Furthermore, the information also mentions that the Holy Knights are capable of causing devastating destruction.

If the Holy Knights themselves are individuals with formidable power, it means that their leader, the Figarland family, is even stronger. 

And this can be seen from the tremendous power that Shanks possesses. When facing Eustass Kid, he displayed a glimpse of his fighting ability by single-handedly destroying Kid's group in one attack. 

Not to mention, Shanks possesses formidable Haki.

The Figarland family in One Piece is an important and influential family. However, until now, Eiichiro Oda has not provided detailed information about this family. 

Let's wait together for more information about the Figarland family in upcoming chapters.

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