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One Piece 1086 Spoiler: Finally Im's Real Name Revealed!


Spoilers One Piece  chapter 1086 have to spread on social media and based on the instructions Oda will present something extraordinary in that chapter. 

In chapter 1085 yesterday, we saw how the fans were shocked by the emergence of the power of Im and also the Gorosei. 

Their strength turned out to be extraordinary.

Since he first appeared in the Reverie arc five years ago, Oda Sensei has never provided any information regarding Im's figure. 

This is what then makes the fans curious and many theories have sprung up about Im's figure. 

However, in chapter 1085 yesterday, we finally got an idea of how strong and how powerful Im and the Gorosei's level of power is.

One Piece 1086 Spoilers

Then, what about the next chapter? There are several important points that appear related to the One Piece 1086 spoiler. The first point is the title for chapter 1086 is “Five Elders” or “Five Elder Stars.” The next point is after knowing one of the Gorosei's names, this chapter introduces all the names of the other Gorosei.

This chapter also reveals the role of the Gorosei in the World Government order. 

Apparently, they are warrior gods or soldiers of god (Im). Saint Jay Garcia saturn is a figure who is responsible for the defense of science (scientific defense). Saint Shepherd Ju Peter is the name of a young Gorosei who has blonde hair.

He is a figure who is responsible for agriculture affairs alias agriculture (warrior god of agriculture). Next is Saint Enthanbaron V. 

Nasujuro is the name of the Gorosei who wears glasses and has a bald head. He is a person who is responsible for financial affairs, aka financial (warrior god of financial). 

Saint Topman Valkyrie is the name of the Gorosei who has a big mustache.


He is the Gorosei in charge of legal affairs in the world of One Piece (warrior god of legal affairs). Finally, Saint Marcus Mars is the name of the Gorosei who has an inverted 'V' shaped mustache. He is responsible for environmental affairs (warrior god of environment). 

Apart from introducing the Gorosei, there are also several other interesting points that appear in this chapter.

Apparently, the weapon or tool that Im used to destroy Lulusia Island was a weapon created by Vegapunk. 

What's interesting is that Im actually comes from a family that helped form the World Government, namely the Nerona Family. And his own full name is Saint Im. 

At the end of the chapter, we see how Saint Mjosgard must be executed by the Holy Knights. And interestingly, the leader of the Holy Knights was from the Figarland family.


The revelation of the important names of characters who have been a mystery, such as the Gorosei and Im, provides a big clue that the final storyline of One Piece will indeed begin to reach its peak. 

Oda Sensei also fulfilled his promise to start revealing the big mysteries that have been among the fans.

With the Gorosei's (and Im's) names starting to be revealed this means there is a possibility that they too will start moving like Saturn. 

On the other hand, this hint regarding the duties of the Gorosei provides a clue if there is a possibility that Luffy will fight against the Gorosei. 

Why? Because, with his responsibility as the protector of science he will finish off Vegapunk.

Of course, this will not make Luffy stay silent. He would obviously make a move and protect Vegapunk from the Gorosei's attacks. 

Of course it will be interesting to see if Luffy will be able to face the Gorosei and this battle could be a moment to introduce the strengths of the other Gorosei. We look forward to the continuation of the story in the next chapter.

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