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One Piece: The Revolutionary Army's 7 Strongest Devil Fruits!

One Piece: The Revolutionary Army's 7 Strongest Devil Fruits!

Being one of the powers most feared by the World Government, it's not surprising that the Revolutionary Army has the strongest devil fruit. 

The strongest line of devil fruit is owned by their members. 

The Revolutionary Army is one of the great powers that appear in the One Piece story. They are considered a major threat by the World Government.

This is because the Revolutionary Army always tries to help various regions or islands to become independent or regardless of their affiliation with the World Government. 

The members of the Revolutionary Army are known to have tremendous power. 

Some of them are also known to have devil fruit powers which are even considered to be the strongest. 

Then, what are the strongest devil fruits that the Revolutionary Army has?

1. Kobu Kobu No Mi

One Piece: The Revolutionary Army's 7 Strongest Devil Fruits!

This devil fruit is arguably very unique. 

Because, her devil fruit doesn't give powerful strength or fighting ability to its owner. 

However, the power of this devil fruit can be felt by other people. 

The Kobu Kobu no Mi is a Paramecia-type devil fruit owned by one of the commanders of the Revolutionary Army, Belo Betty.

The Kobu Kobu no Mi gives its users the ability to bring up or awaken the fighting spirit or fighting spirit of people. 

Belo Betty's ability was shown when the Revolutionary Army was in the Lulusia kingdom. 

By waving the flag of the Revolutionary Army towards the people of Lulusia, they immediately had a great fighting spirit to expel the Pinkbeard pirate group.

2. Choki Choki No Mi

One Piece: The Revolutionary Army's 7 Strongest Devil Fruits!

Choki Choki no Mi is a devil fruit that is both unique and extraordinary. 

This Paramecia type devil fruit is able to give its user the ability to be able to cut any surface without exception. 

This devil fruit is owned by Inazuma who is Emporio Ivankov's representative. 

The figure of Inazuma himself first appeared when Luffy managed to find a "gap" at level 5.5 in the Impel Down prison.

In that moment, it was shown how Inazuma then opened a path to the top of the Impel Down prison. 

The way he cut the floor in the prison level 6 and then he lifted it to become the path to the top floor. 

Unfortunately, after they managed to escape from Impel Down and returned to the Revolutionary Army headquarters, we still haven't seen Inazuma's devil fruit in action again.

3. Oshi Oshi No Mi

One Piece: The Revolutionary Army's 7 Strongest Devil Fruits!

Oshi Oshi no Mi is a Paramecia devil fruit that was consumed by the Commander of the Revolutionary Army in the western region, Morley. 

This devil fruit power allows Morley to push or press on any surface as if everything was made of soft material. 

Morley is shown using his spear to do this. At first glance, the power of this devil fruit is similar to the Choki Choki no Mi.

Because, users can change or adjust a surface at will. 

Morley used this devil fruit power to infiltrate Mary Geoise's territory during the Reverie. 

And in fact, Morley was actually the first person who managed to escape from Impel Down thanks to utilizing this power. 

The latest chapter shows how this devil fruit is effective against the Green Bull's power.

4. Horu Horu No Mi

One Piece: The Revolutionary Army's 7 Strongest Devil Fruits!

A Paramecia type, Horu Horu is a devil fruit consumed by the representative of Monkey D Dragon in the Revolutionary Army, Emporio Ivankov. 

This devil fruit makes Ivankov able to change various hormones or manipulate someone's hormones. 

For example, he can turn a man into a woman or vice versa. In fact, many of his followers changed genders thanks to Ivankov's power.

Thanks to Ivankov's strength, Luffy also managed to survive from Magellan's poison. 

Even though the whole process depends on Luffy, Ivankov's Hormone gives Luffy the opportunity to come back to life. 

Even during the war at Marineford, Ivankov injected the hormone adrenaline which made Luffy refreshed for some time so he managed to save Ace, though not for long.

5. Milk Milk No Mi

One Piece: The Revolutionary Army's 7 Strongest Devil Fruits!

This is a new devil fruit information introduced by Eiichiro Oda. 

Susu Susu Devil Fruit has an extraordinary power where the user can control particles. He can turn it into anything he wants, such as a spear or a group of living things. 

Unfortunately, Oda Sensei himself still hasn't made it clear whether this devil fruit is a Logia or a Paramecia.

The commander of the Revolutionary Army in the north, Karasu, is the owner of his devil fruit. 

The strength or awesomeness of this devil fruit has been shown several times. 

For example, during the Dressrosa arc this devil fruit turned into a group of crows to bring Sabo back. 

And when the Reverie yesterday this devil fruit managed to withstand the powerful power of Admiral Fujitora.

6. Nikyu Nikyu No Mi

One Piece: The Revolutionary Army's 7 Strongest Devil Fruits!

You seem familiar with this devil fruit. Bartholomew Kuma's Paramecia devil fruit, Nikyu Nikyu, has been appearing in One Piece stories for a long time. 

Kuma's devil fruit power was first shown in the Thriller Bark arc when Kuma took out Luffy's pain and transferred it to Zoro's body. 

This devil fruit was also shown during the Sabaody arc when Kuma flew the Straw Hats to various places.

It's only in the Egghead arc that we finally get a more detailed explanation about the power of this devil fruit. 

In the story, it is explained that this devil fruit can turn various intangible things into reality, for example, memory or pain. 

This was shown in the previous chapter when Bonney found a balloon filled with memories from Kuma and Vegapunk himself asked Bonney not to touch it.

7. Mera Mera No Mi

One Piece: The Revolutionary Army's 7 Strongest Devil Fruits!

This is also a devil fruit which of course is very familiar to all geeks. 

The Mera Mera no Mi is a Logia type devil fruit originally used by Portgas D Ace. 

The main ability of this devil fruit is controlling and manipulating fire. 

Users of this devil fruit will be able to use, control, and manipulate fire at will.

However, unfortunately, Ace then had to die in the incident at Marineford after being killed by Akainu. 

His devil fruit had become a bone of contention in the battle at the Corrida Coloseum and Sabo later became the owner of the devil fruit. 

In a way, Sabo managed to increase the strength of this devil fruit to a level that Ace could not do before. 

In fact, Sabo has the nickname "Flame Emperor" because of his devil fruit power.

With the strength of the members of the Revolutionary Army being formidable and terrifying, it only seemed natural that they would become a major threat to the World Government. 

Moreover, they also have the strongest devil fruit as described above. 

Even so, there are still other Revolutionary Troops whose devil fruit powers are unknown, for example Monkey D Dragon.

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