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One Piece: Im Sama's Secret of Immortality Revealed!

Im Sama's immortality could well be the biggest secret he is hiding. Fans are still curious about the most mysterious figure in the One Piece story, Im. He is the leader of the World Government. 

However, for more than two decades Oda Sensei still hasn't provided any information about Im.

Im's figure so far has always been covered in silhouettes and has never uttered a single word. 

What we know about Im's figure so far is that he is the leader of the World Government and the ruler of the world. Even so, many fans believe that Im is an immortal figure. 

There is a big secret hidden by Im that made him able to get immortality.

Im From 800 Years Ago

Speculation if Im is an immortal figure or comes from the past has actually been predicted by fans for a long time. 

However, only in chapter 1084 yesterday did Oda Sensei seem to give confirmation about this. In the chapter, Oda introduces a figure who is the ancestor of the Nefertari family, Nefertari Lili.

Lili was the leader of Alabasta 800 years ago and was one of the founders of the World Government. Despite that, Lili refuses to become a celestial dragon and lives in Mary Geoise. 

He then decided to return to Alabasta. However, sadly, he then disappeared without a trace.

Lili's disappearance without the slightest trace made this something suspicious. 

This suspicion leads to the figure of Im. Moreover, chapter 1084 also shows how Im seems to have a very close connection with Lili. Despite various speculations as to what happened, it is confirmed that Im is indeed from 800 years ago.

The Secret of Immortality Im

The question then is what is the secret of Im's immortality? What then could make Im live for hundreds of years? 

Although there may be other yet-to-be-revealed ways to gain immortality, for now the most logical way for someone to gain immortality is to use the greatest power of the Ope Ope no Mi.

Users of the Ope Ope no Mi devil fruit can use the greatest power of the devil fruit, namely "Operation of Immortality."

 This is a power where the user will give someone immortality at the cost of their own life. In the Dressrosa arc, Doflamingo had asked Law to perform the operation so he could live forever.

According to Doflamingo, the sky dragons in Mary Geoise have a treasure which, if used in combination with the Ope Ope no Mi, the user will be able to rule the world and rule forever. 

As the leader of the World Government, it feels like Im knows about this big secret.

In this regard, some fans speculate that Im and Lili are the same person. In his speculation, Lili might originally be the owner of the devil fruit Ope Ope. He was then forced to use the Ope Ope devil fruit power 800 years ago and gave it to Im. This might be the reason why Lili never returned to Alabasta and why Im knew Lili well.

Im's Life Is Kept In The Holy Knight

What is no less interesting about Im's immortality is the possibility of Im's life being divided into nine and stored in the body of the Holy Knight. 

The concept itself is similar to the Horcrux in the Harry Potter story. 

The Hocrux itself is simply an animate/inanimate object that can store fragments of a person's life.

This concept is also considered to be applicable in Operation Immortality carried out by the owner of the Ope Ope no Mi, where they will separate and save a person's soul into several parts. 

The figure could only die after all the fragments of his soul were destroyed. 

The Holy Knight itself is a new element that is presented in the One Piece story.

First referenced in chapter 1054, these Holy Knights appeared again in chapter 1083 with more detailed information. 

There are nine of them in total and they will be sent to destroy the territory or island that is rebelling against the World Government.

According to Monkey D Dragon, they are not random figures. 

When the Holy Knights move, it means that the big war has started. So far, the identity of the members of the Holy Knights is still a secret. However, some fans believe that the Holy Knights keep the fragments of Im's soul. 

They are the Hocruxes of Im Sama as well as the reason why he can rule and live forever.

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