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One Piece 1085: Revealed Why Kuzan Joined Blackbeard

After Kuzan left the Marine in One Piece 1085 Kuzan decided to join the Blackbeard Pirates.

It was revealed in One Piece 1085 the real reason Kuzan decided to join the Blackbeard pirates is true that until now there have been many theories discussing this issue.

Actually, Kuzan's goal in One Piece 1085 has absolutely no desire to destroy the Blackbeard pirate group, but he is only trying to reach Laugh Tale Island.

The Blackbeard Pirates group which in the end was chosen by Kuzan to be his ally, the World Government strictly forbids any research or finding out anything about the void century.

If anyone violates the prohibition then the people who do research and find out about the void century will receive a very severe punishment, namely the punishment of annihilation or death.

Then because the World Government always provides propaganda like that, it finally makes the Marine troops believe that anyone who studies the void century is basically the same as trying to revive an Ancient Weapon to destroy the World.

Everyone in the world at first really believed in this, they were even able to become very cruel people because it was for the sake of maintaining the dignity and benefits that were far greater for the Marine.

But all of Kuzan's beliefs began to change a lot and began to collapse since the incident on Ohara Island occurred because of the incident.

He got the task to kill his own best friend, Jaguar D Saul in the Ohara incident.

In the incident on Ohara Island, Kuzan also saw the horrific actions of Marine members when a ship carrying civilians was massacred by Akainu mercilessly.

Kuzan, who is basically a kind person, will never be able to forget what Akainu did to these civilians.

Because his conscience should never allow innocent civilians on the beach.

Because their job was only to exterminate the guilty people who had researched the Void Century instead of slaughtering innocent civilians.

Kuzan is keeping Ohara alive in Robin, because he himself once told Robin to survive.

The reason why Robin was never caught even though he has been a fugitive since he was a child may also be due to the intervention of this former Marine Admiral, because it is very strange if no one can catch little Robin.

Robin was just caught after joining Luffy's group, and even then because he decided to turn himself in because Robin didn't want his friends to be dragged into his problems.

The incident that made Kuzan rethink about the Absolute justice he believed in when he was still a Marine and because of that all lead back to the tragedy that happened on Ohara Island.

So it's not surprising that Kuzan also wants to know what happened in the Age of Void and the Ancient Weapons, the 2 things that caused the massacre and the annihilation of Ohara Island.

Then to find out about the void century and ancient weapons, Kuzan must be able to reach Laugh Tale Island where Joy Boy's treasure is located and to do that of course this former Marine Admiral cannot do it alone.

That's why he looked for allies and of all the Yonkou that Kuzan ultimately chose was Blackbeard.

Because maybe according to Kuzan working together will give him the highest chance to reach the last island and find out the answer he is looking for

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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