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One Piece: Holy Knight Has Devil Fruit Power!

One Piece: Holy Knight Has Devil Fruit Power!

Even though the power level of the Holy Knights is still very mysterious, there have been reports that they have devil fruit powers that are connected to the Valley of the Gods incident. 

As you all know, the Holy Knights are still very mysterious. 

Eiichiro Oda still hasn't provided much information about the troop.

Despite that, many fans speculated about the strength of the Holy Knights. Information about Holy night itself first appeared in chapter 1054 of the One Piece manga. 

Then, the silhouettes of these troops appeared in chapter 1083 yesterday. 

The knights were brought by Monkey D Dragon. 

It's a shame that Dragon hasn't provided more detailed information about the Holy Knights.

Holy Knight Strength Level

One Piece: Holy Knight Has Devil Fruit Power!

In the previous article, it was discussed about the level of strength of the Holy Knights. Allegedly, their power level is far above the admirals and even the Gorosei. 

There are several proofs of the awesomeness of the Holy Knights that have appeared in the story. 

For example, in chapter 1054 Kurouma explained that in the event of the battle between the commander of the Revolutionary Army and the admiral when the Reverie was taking place it could have ended much worse and terrible if the Holy Knights intervened.

Then, the most obvious thing is in chapter 1083 it is known that the Holy Knights were directly deployed by the World Government to destroy eight kingdoms that no longer want to pay taxes. 

The navy needs dozens of ships or fleets to destroy an island or region. 

Whereas the Holy Knights only needed nine people.

And of course, in chapter 1083 Dragon also mentioned that the peak battle of the Revolutionary Army actually took place when the Holy Knights had moved. 

That is, the Revolutionary Army knows how powerful and powerful their level of strength is. 

Then, the fact that they have been a part of history for a long time and also how they rarely appear and only move when directed by the World Government are clues to how powerful their power is.

Their Strength From God Valley's Devil Fruit

One Piece: Holy Knight Has Devil Fruit Power!

As mentioned above, we still don't know the level of strength of these Holy Knights. 

However, what is certain, they are not random figures. 

Their power is considered capable of causing great chaos or even destroying an island. Even so, there is something interesting where it appears as a substitute if the Holy Knights might have devil fruit powers.

The World Government is indeed shown not to be too focused on finding or mastering devil fruits. However, that does not mean they are not after him. 

The proof is that they are after Nika's devil fruit which they have been doing since 800 years ago. 

However, they always fail to get it. This is also what they do on the part of the World Government.

They deliberately targeted various devil fruits to be given to the Holy Knight troops. 

And what's interesting is that in the shooting it was stated that the devil fruit possessed by the Holy Knights might come from God Valley. 

Why is that? 

Many fans theorize that some of the powerful and extraordinary devil fruits in the story, such as Kaido's Uo Uo no Mi, come from God Valley.

In God Valley itself, there are many extraordinary devil fruits. And this was also later considered to be the reason why the Rocks group controlled the island. 

Either the Rocks crew or the Celestial Dragons probably managed to steal some of the devil's fruit before it was erased from maps and history. 

If the Rocks crew took it for themselves, the celestial dragons took his devil fruit to give to the Holy Knights.

Dragon Former Member of the Holy Knights

One Piece: Holy Knight Has Devil Fruit Power!

Apart from their abilities, what is also a mystery is who the members are. 

Again, for now, this is still a mystery. And the fans did not stop to speculate. 

Previously, there was speculation that Shanks was a former member of the Holy Knights. 

Meanwhile, there is also speculation if Shanks' brother or his family is part of the troop.

Another speculation states that Dragon was once a member of the Holy Knights. 

This is based on his knowledge of the troop. 

This was because information regarding the Holy Knights and their strengths was classified as top-secret information. 

This is different from members of Cipher Pol, whose access to information can be easily obtained by the Revolutionary Army.

How Dragon knows his strength is also considered to be an important clue from this. 

Dragon knew that if the Holy Knights started to move, then the real battle would begin. 

Maybe, this is also the reason why Dragon can know many people like Ivankov or even Vegapunk. 

When Dragon realized that the World Government was too greedy and greedy, he was finally no longer part of the Holy Knights. 

And the peak when the World Government destroyed Ohara, Dragon decided to attack the World Government back.

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