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Help Boruto, Sasuke Becomes Evil Again!

Help Boruto, Sasuke Becomes Evil Again!

The figure of Uchiha Sasuke might turn back into a bad character because he helped Uzumaki Boruto train during his escape. 

Currently, the manga Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is on hiatus for four months after successfully completing the first chapter of its story. 

At the end of the first part of the story, it was shown how Boruto and Kawaki exchanged lives.

And the consequence of this is that now Boruto is being targeted by Konoha shinobi. 

Sasuke, as Boruto's mentor, was involved in Boruto's escape attempt. 

He has also promised to help Boruto to prove his innocence. Even so, seen from the point of view of the Konoha shinobi what Sasuke did could make him be considered by others as a criminal act. 

And Sasuke is considered back to being evil.

Sasuke's Past

Help Boruto, Sasuke Becomes Evil Again!

As you know, in the past Sasuke had turned into a bad ninja. 

He committed many criminal acts and other crimes that made him hunted in the five major countries in the Naruto universe. 

After he left Konoha when he was very young, actually Sasuke did not necessarily turn evil.

The new Sasuke turned into a terrible figure and became an evil shinobi when he killed his older brother, Itachi Uchiha. 

Sasuke seeks revenge against Konoha for what they did to his older brother. 

Sasuke's evil actions began with the lives of many Konoha residents who were lost.

He also managed to kidnap the younger brother of the Raikage and kill the troops or shinobi from other regions. 

How Sasuke declared that he would kill anyone who enjoyed the peace due to Itachi, made Sasuke a target in all shinobi countries. Sasuke also even joined Akatsuki though not for long.

Sasuke himself started to return to the right path during the shinobi world war, where he helped the shinobi alliance to defeat Kaguya Otsutsuki who was endangering the earth. 

However, it turns out that after Kaguya was successfully sealed, Sasuke committed another evil act by locking up all the Bijuu and planning to kill all the Kage in order to start a revolution in the ninja world. 

It was his defeat by Naruto that in the end made Sasuke really change and be loyal to his best friend.

Boruto's Criminal Status

Help Boruto, Sasuke Becomes Evil Again!

After the big battle, Sasuke then decided to go on an adventure to make amends for the mistakes he had made before. Sasuke tries to help as many people as he can. 

However, on the other hand, he is also trying to find out and trace the traces of the Otsutsuki clan. 

The story begins to get complicated when Boruto is given Karma by Momoshiki Otsutsuki.

As Boruto's story continued, Kishimoto then introduced another character, Kawaki. 

Like Boruto, Kawaki also has the Karma seal on his body. 

However, fortunately, Naruto later managed to save Kawaki's life at the expense of Kurama. 

Kawaki himself then vowed to protect Naruto from all threats, including Otsutsuki.

This then becomes the reason why Kawaki tries to finish off or destroy all the existing Otsutsuki. 

Because Boruto is a vessel for Momoshiki, Kawaki then tries to kill Boruto's life. 

In fact, these efforts are not easy. 

This is what later made Kawaki ask for Eida's help to be able to exchange lives with Boruto.

As a result of what Eida did, now everyone thinks that Boruto is Kawaki who killed Naruto and Hinata. 

Meanwhile, Kawaki is Boruto who is the son of Naruto. 

Kawaki himself had previously sealed Naruto and Hinata in another dimension. And now Boruto is considered a criminal by many people.

Sasuke Returns Evil

Help Boruto, Sasuke Becomes Evil Again!

In chapter 80 yesterday, it was shown how Sasuke then met Boruto. 

At first, Sasuke also thought of Boruto as Kawaki until he later admitted that he couldn't believe his memory. 

Sasuke admits that he remembers all of Boruto's characteristics including his headband that was given to Boruto.

Sasuke himself admits that he has more faith in his daughter, Sarada Uchiha, if Boruto is innocent. 

Sarada also asks Sasuke to help Boruto and help prove his innocence. 

Sasuke then proved this where he helped Boruto to escape from Konoha. He held back the shinobi who were looking for Boruto.

In the previous article, it was stated that Sasuke might help Boruto in his escape which was also a 4 year timeskip moment. 

If later this is indeed proven, then Sasuke will turn evil. 

That's what Konoha shinobi might have in mind. Sasuke is considered to be helping fugitives which is a criminal act.

Sasuke is indeed considered a hero and one of the strongest shinobi in the world, but seeing how the current situation is, it's not surprising that people then think that Sasuke has turned evil again. 

What to look forward to is what the next steps of the two characters will be. 

If indeed they seek revenge on Kawaki, then an epic battle will ensue. 

And it could be that what is presented in the early moments of the story is an illustration of that.

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