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What Happens When a Pokemon Is Inside a Pokeball?

What Happens When a Pokemon Is Inside a Pokeball?

For those who follow the anime series or Pokemon games, you must be familiar with the name Pokeball.

A Pokeball is a tool used to catch Pokémon and store them when not playing or fighting.

We can find this tool in the Pokémon TV series and also in the video game version.

The Poké Ball is the main symbol of this media franchise, and can be found in all Pokémon merchandise.

Then the question is, what happens when the Pokemon is in the Pokeball?

Though Pokeball itself can be as small as the size of a marble.

There are several theories as to what can happen to a pokemon inside a pokeball.

1. Converted into data and energy form, so the pokeball functions to convert pokemon into data and convert data back into pokemon.

2. The Pokemon will be reduced to the size of a pokeball and compacted inside, and put to sleep.

3. Inside the pokeball there is an adequate environment for the pokemon, accompanied by several complete facilities such as a TV and decorations according to the pokemon's environment.

What Happens When a Pokemon Is Inside a Pokeball?

Quoting from Gamerant, the producer of Pokemon Sun and Moon, Junichi Masuda, once discussed the contents of Pokeballs.

"I think it's safe to say it's very comfortable in there."

"Pokeball is a very comfortable environment, maybe equivalent to a high-end suite room in a luxury hotel," he said.

With this answer, fans no longer have to worry about Pikachu living in poverty like in a bedroom cupboard like Harry Potter.

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