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One Piece 1082 Spoiler Reddit: Garp and SWORD Members

One Piece 1082 Spoiler Reddit: Garp and SWORD Members

After a highly interesting and informative issue, the manga series by writer and illustrator Eiichiro Oda, One Piece, will return with chapter 1082 after a one-week break. 

Although the break was for a good reason, with Japan celebrating Golden Week full of holidays, fans anxiously await the upcoming edition of One Piece chapter 1082.

Similarly, fans have been desperately searching for spoilers of One Piece chapter 1082 in Indonesian language throughout the internet. 

Unfortunately, this has caused some people to be misinformed with fake spoilers that are not verified by any serial leakers. 

What is even more disappointing is that the leakers have confirmed that spoilers will be released this week, which only adds to the confusion.

Although no confirmed spoilers are available at the time of writing this article, there are some hints that fans can expect for the upcoming chapter. 

One Piece chapter 1082 will be officially released on Monday, May 8, 2023, at 12 PM Japan time.

First, One Piece chapter 1082 has two very different storylines. 

With the battles between Eustass Kid versus Shanks and Trafalgar Law versus Blackbeard having ended and concluded, there are only two established storylines to return to. 

Clearly, this is a different development situation in Hachinosu Island and Egghead Island.

As seen in the previous issue, Hachinosu has now reached a point where SWORD members and Pirate Captain Blackbeard are involved in conflict.

Egghead Island, meanwhile, is in a defensive pattern. 

Depending on which situation the focus is on, fans can expect all kinds of spoilers in the upcoming issue.

If One Piece chapter 1082 returns to Egghead, fans are expecting developments that will reveal the pirate Blackbeard who has arrived on the island.

With Vegapunk York previously confirmed as the traitor, this is now the island's most pressing storyline.

Likewise, every other specific storyline on the island has been wrapped up or left hanging at a good halfway point.

With this in mind, returning to Egghead Island almost necessitated adding some new form of drama and tension to the story.

The easiest way to do this is obviously through the arrival of the Blackbeard Pirates.

However, Vegapunk York's real backup plan, which he apparently entrusts S-Snake to execute, could also be this added twist.

If One Piece Chapter 1082 continues his focus on Hachinosu Island, it is certain that Kuzan will return to continue his fight with Garp.

While Garp himself was powerful to the point of legendary status, it was still a bit hard to believe even he could defeat a former Marine Admiral so easily.

Fans are also likely to see another Blackbeard Pirate Captain arrive on the scene.

They couldn't allow Garp to rampage any further.

At this point, Garp and the rest of SWORD had to decide whether to stand down or keep fighting.

However, with Garp's ship currently stuck on Hachinosu Island rather than anchored in a harbor, it's unclear what escape route they can take.

You can read manga One Piece 1082 in Indonesian on the official MangaPlus website when it's released.

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