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Spoilers One Piece 1075 Reddit: Shanks Dies!

Spoilers One Piece 1075 Reddit: Shanks Dies!

Regarding the One Piece 1075 manga spoiler, many mysteries are predicted to be revealed.

One of them is about the mystery of Shanks' death. 

The mystery regarding Shanks' death began to be revealed by Eiichiro Oda in One Piece 1075.

One of the mysteries of One Piece 1075 is about how Shanks will die at the end of the story.

Seeing the facts, it turns out that Shanks will be killed by Im Sama due to a misunderstanding.

Then what misunderstanding is meant that Im Sama kills Shanks?

The topic of how Akagami no Shanks died in One Piece has recently become a hot topic of discussion.

Because a leaker from Reddit has alluded to how Shanks will die in One Piece 1075.

The story begins with Luffy who is said to be traveling to 900 years ago.

In that moment, Luffy will meet two brothers who are the children of the ruling king.

The two people are Im the Same as his brother and sister Dyras alias Joy Boy.

Luffy's journey to the past will reveal many interesting things.

One of them is why Im Sama suddenly turned against Joy Boy.

It turned out that at that time the king had made up his mind to inherit his throne to Joy Boy.

But as the first child, Im Sama certainly disagreed.

Then behind the scenes, Im Sama made an alliance with 20 kingdoms to carry out a coup.

Since then, the two of them began to clash and in the end, Joy Boy was eliminated.

It was also revealed at that moment that Dyras was the user of Nika's devil fruit before Luffy.

After that, Luffy returns to the present and this is related to Shanks' death.

When the Straw Hat captain returned from the past, Im Sama suddenly felt what Luffy had done.

Im Sama felt the presence of the two same heartbeats, namely his sister and Luffy, who returned to the past.

In that moment, Im Sama glimpsed the Straw Hat that Luffy was wearing.

However, because he had never met Luffy, Im Sama actually thought that it was Shanks' straw hat.

Even because of this, Im Sama finally decided to kill Shanks.

Im Sama certainly felt threatened by this figure who already knew about his past.

Previously it was theorized that Shanks would be killed by Im Sama as a result of failing to kill Blackbeard.

Then there are also those who say that Blackbeard himself will kill Shanks.

But seeing from the latest facts like Garp who will fight against Blackbeard.

Then the leak that was just revealed by the leaker as above.

It makes sense that Im Sama finally decided to kill Shanks.

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