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One Piece 1075 Spoiler: Revealed All This Time Vegapunk and the Gorosei Trapped Luffy for Nika's Strength

After the publication of One Piece manga chapter 1074, information about spoilers, theories and predictions for the next episode, episode 1075, has been scattered.

One of the highlights is that in One Piece 1075, there is a theory that if it turns out that the Egghead arc is a big plot twist by Vegapunk.

He cooperates with the Gorosei or world government in order to conquer Luffy and Nika's true power that is in him.

How could the fans have such thoughts?

Previously, currently Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates were battling against CP0 Agents and the Seraphim.

This fight took place because the Straw Hat pirates were trying to save Vegapunk from being targeted by the world government.

It is known that Vegapunk himself is being hunted by the world government with the deployment of CP0 agents and the Seraphim.

But until now the existence of Vegapunk has not been shown again.

The last news from the scientist Vegapunk is that he disappeared in Egghead and until now the Straw Hat pirates have scattered to look for him.

There are irregularities that the loyal fans of this legendary Manga feel need to reconsider.

After Vegapunk was declared missing, suddenly Kizaru and the Gorosei were shown heading to Egghead Island.

After the Wano island arc that shook the world because Luffy finally took the title of Yonkou after defeating the strongest human Kaido.

It seems that the world government is also aware that the power that has been hunted for hundreds of years actually belongs to Luffy so besides becoming a new Yonkou, this makes Luffy the main target of the Gorosei.

Because of that fans have a plot twist theory where it could be that actually Vegapunk and the Gorosei are working together to catch Luffy.

This was initiated because Vegapunk himself is known to have cooperated with the world government for quite a long time.

Moreover, the world government can support the development of Vegapunk's research, which seems impossible without their help.

It feels impossible for someone who has a strong figure and a weapon that is very sophisticated and terrible with terrible power, it turns out to be just a good innocent person who just happens to be a genius.

Precisely because of that it would be perfect if it turns out that Vegapunk is indeed masquerading as a cunning criminal who is very smart and clever at manipulating as well as resourceful.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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