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Boruto 78 Spoilers Reddit: Momoshiki Appears, Timeskip Begins!

Boruto 78 Spoilers Reddit: Momoshiki Appears, Timeskip Begins!

Spoilers for chapter 78 of manga Boruto: Naruto Next Generations have finally confirmed that the timeskip will be happening in the near future. 

Fans of the Boruto story are currently looking forward to seeing the continuation of the manga story after what happened before. 

In chapter 77 itself it is known that Kawaki finally decided to leave the place where he lives temporarily.

Kawaki is frustrated because he wants to destroy Momoshiki and also the entire Otsutsuki clan. 

And at the end of the chapter, we also see how Kawaki then kidnaps Naruto and Hinata and hides them in a dimension. 

On the other hand, chapter 77 shows an equal opponent for Daemon, Himawari. 

Daemon looks impressed with Himawari.

Spoilers for Boruto Chapter 78

Boruto 78 Spoilers Reddit: Momoshiki Appears, Timeskip Begins!

Then, what happened in Boruto chapter 78? The chapter has the title “Fools”.

According to leaks circulating on social media, this latest chapter opens with the panic of the shinobi in Konoha who feel that Naruto and Hinata's chakra is disappearing. 

Shikamaru also tried to confirm what happened. He then asks Eida if Kawaki did it.

Eida also confirmed what Shikamaru asked. Knowing this, Shikamaru and Boruto immediately rushed to the place where Kawaki was. 

Eida herself then said in front of Sarada and Sumire that Kawaki plans to kill Boruto's life again. 

Sarada and Sumire immediately rushed to stop Boruto from chasing Kawaki.

Kawaki then attacked Boruto and agreed about what happened to Naruto and also Hinata. 

Kawaki explains that he hid Naruto and Hinata in a dimension where time stopped. 

He explained that Naruto and Hinata would neither grow old nor starve. 

However, Kawaki emphatically stated that he could no longer see his parents.

Even though Boruto tried to talk to Kawaki, Kawaki didn't care and started attacking Boruto. 

According to him, Boruto has now become an Otsutsuki. Sarada then appears in the middle of the fight. 

Kawaki had warned him to ask Sarada to leave or he too would be a victim. 

However, Sarada rejects him on the grounds that he is the future Hokage.

The chapter then shows the moment where Kawaki tries to attack Sarada. 

However, Boruto then manages to save Sarada. 

However, what was unexpected was that due to Boruto saving Sarada from Kawaki's attack, his right eye had to be injured. 

What's interesting is that the wound on Boruto's right eye is very similar to what we saw at the beginning of the story.

Shikamaru, Konohamaru, Mitsuki, and even Sasuke also appeared in the middle of the fight. 

They managed to stop Kawaki. 

Sasuke even threatened to end Kawaki's life if he tried to rebel. 

Another unexpected moment occurred where Momoshiki reappeared. 

And what's interesting is that he actually helped Kawaki by sending him away.

Momoshiki's appearance turns out to be a warning to Boruto, if everything he has will be lost. 

The prediction that Momoshiki previously made about the people he loves will disappear and Boruto will destroy everything is slowly starting to happen. 

In the last panel Momoshiki says that the end for Boruto has begun.


Boruto 78 Spoilers Reddit: Momoshiki Appears, Timeskip Begins!

What is presented in chapter 76 seems to be a clear indication that the timeskip will happen in the near future, moreover, various clues already support it. 

Chapters 77 and 78 are the start of the timeskip. 

Starting with Kawaki kidnapping Naruto and Hinata and hiding them in a special dimension.

Then, in chapter 78, we finally know what really happened to Boruto and his eyes on the future. 

And the most important thing is how then the appearance of Sasuke can be a bad sign for the character. 

In the story at the beginning of the series, it was shown that Boruto has Sasuke's sword and cloak. 

With what's happening now, it means it's not impossible that Sasuke will also die at Kawaki's hands.

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