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Senrigan Eida's Secret in Boruto Revealed!

Senrigan Eida's Secret in Boruto Revealed!

The figure of Eida in the story Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has a unique eye power or Doujutsu which is known as Senrigan. 

However, what exactly is Senrigan? 

Where did she get the Doujutsu from? 

The name Eida just appeared in the Code arc when the successor of Isshiki Otsutsuki asked for help in carrying out the mission to destroy Konoha, Sasuke, Naruto and Boruto.

Eida also has a mission to continue the process of harvesting the chakra fruit, where they need Boruto to be the sacrifice for the process. 

To make it happen, Code then asks for help from Eida who is one of Amado's greatest creations. 

Eida is known to have an eye move or Doujutsu known as Senrigan. 

However, what exactly is the Senrigan?

What is Senrigan?

Senrigan Eida's Secret in Boruto Revealed!

Senrigan can be interpreted as an eye that can / is able to predict and see the future. 

From what Kishimoto has presented so far in the story, this is in fact the case. 

By using the Doujutsu Eida was able to see what was happening in this world. 

In fact, Eida could see various events that happened in the past.

Regarding Senrigan's power, Amado gave a brief explanation about this Doujutsu directly to Shikamaru in chapter 70. 

According to Amado, Senrigan is an ability that makes Eida not only able to see what is happening around the world. 

Senrigan is also able to make Eida able to see into the past.

This power has appeared several times in the story. For example, when Code fought against Boruto and also Kawaki. 

With this power, Eida is able to predict what Kawaki's next action will be. 

Eida was also able to find out that Boruto was taking the special medicine given by Amado. 

Eida also uses this power to see what happens next if she accepts Shikamaru's offer to meet Kawaki.

The explanation about Senrigan was explained again in chapter 75 yesterday by Amado when Eida and Daemon arrived at Konoha. 

This eye jutsu turns out to have a weakness despite its very powerful strength. 

From what has been presented so far, Senrigan is known to have several weaknesses. 

In the first place, Eida wouldn't know what was in someone else's heart.

Besides that, Eida also wouldn't be able to tell what was inside someone's head. 

In other words, Eida couldn't read someone's mind. 

The second is that Senrigan would not be able to see events long before Eida was born. 

With Eida currently 16 years old, meaning she was only able to look back 16 years.

The Origin of the Senrigan

Senrigan Eida's Secret in Boruto Revealed!

Where then did the Senrigan come from? 

This is one of the big questions that then arises among Boruto fans. 

Like Jougan, Senrigan was once a mystery regarding its origins. 

Even so, they believed that this Doujutsu might both come from the Otsutsuki clan which turned out to be the right speculation.

This was revealed in chapter 75 when Amado revealed the figure of an Otsutsuki god named Shibai Otsutsuki. 

According to Amado's explanation, Shibai is a long-standing Otsutsuki god figure. 

He has lived for over thousands of years. 

Shibai Otsutsuki is known to have a lot of powerful powers. 

For example, Shinjutsu is the "ancestor" of various Senjutsu techniques.

What's interesting is that Amado then revealed the fact that all the powers possessed by Daemon and Eida are derived from the DNA of Shibai Otsutsuki. 

How then Amado got DNA from the Otsutsuki god is still a mystery. 

However, this is also believed to be how Eida got the Senrigan power in one of her eyes.

Senrigan Becomes a Big Threat

Senrigan Eida's Secret in Boruto Revealed!

How then that Senrigan is not widely known makes this Doujutsu interesting, at the same time it can also be considered a big threat. 

Why didn't Shikamaru and the other shinobi know about the existence of the Senrigan? 

The most logical reason, of course, is that this eye Jutsu has never existed on earth before. 

Another reason may be that at first this Doujutsu was only owned by one person, namely Shibai Otsutsuki.

Senrigan can clearly become a big threat not only to Konoha, but also to the whole world. 

This can be seen from how Naruto was forced to work with Eida. 

Eida is considered the only way to be able to match the mighty power of the Code. 

And so far, Eida has indeed proven that she is much stronger than Code.

This is what later became the basis for speculation if Eida could become another major threat. 

With the power of the Senrigan she had, Eida could clearly tell what would happen next. 

How then she wants to work with Konoha so far is certainly interesting. 

Does this mean it's one of her strategies for what Eida sees in the future to happen? 

Or because of something else?

In essence, for now, Eida is indeed a secret weapon and a mainstay for Konoha to match the power of Code. 

However, they also needed to be wary of what was happening at this time. 

As shown in chapter 78, all the Konoha shinobi are trying to finish off Kawaki for what happened. 

Considering that Eida is so in love with Kawaki, it's not impossible that she will do crazy things if the Konoha shinobi hurt Kawaki. 

Will Eida and Senrigan be a threat to Konoha?

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