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One Piece: 5 Facts about Bonney's Devil Fruit Power!

One Piece: 5 Facts about Bonney's Devil Fruit Power!

There are several interesting facts about the power of Jewelry Bonney's devil fruit which is very mysterious to date in the One Piece story. 

As you know, Jewelry Bonney has extraordinary devil fruit powers. 

However, until now, Oda Sensei still hasn't revealed what the devil fruit's name really is. 

One thing is for sure, her devil fruit is a Paramecia type.

Bonney's own devil fruit power was first shown in the Sabaody arc, when the Worst Generation pirates were introduced to the fans. 

Bonney herself rarely appears in the story, until then he returns in the Egghead arc and becomes one of the main characters in this arc. 

And we also see the various powerful powers of her devil fruit. 

Here are various interesting facts that have been revealed about Bonney's devil fruit.

1. Able to Manipulate Age

One Piece: 5 Facts about Bonney's Devil Fruit Power!
This is the main power of Bonney's devil fruit. 

This devil fruit of the Paramecia type can manipulate the age of enemies or other people, even the user. 

We can see this when Bonney is able to change into a child or an old man in an instant. 

While on the Sabaody Islands, Bonney showed her strength by turning mariners into babies or parents.

In this arc, we see how Bonney turns into a child to protect Zoro. 

Then in the Reverie arc, Bonney had turned into an old grandmother named Connie. 

This also raises questions among fans whether Bonney is really young or Bonney is actually manipulating her own age to look young.

2. Not Affected by Haki

One Piece: 5 Facts about Bonney's Devil Fruit Power!

It turns out that Bonney's devil fruit power is not affected by Haki or in this case his devil fruit power is able to surpass Haki. 

In the previous chapter, we saw how Luffy and Jinbe were able to be affected by her devil fruit. 

They suddenly changed into the figure of a child and also the figure of an old man. 

That is, the power of this devil fruit far exceeds that of Haki.

In fact, it can be said that the highest level of Armament Haki seems unable to block the effects of this devil fruit. 

It is still unknown what then becomes the secret of her devil fruit so that her strength can exceed that of Haki. 

Hopefully Vegapunk will begin to unravel the mysteries of Bonney's powers.

3. Emotions Are Very Influential

One Piece: 5 Facts about Bonney's Devil Fruit Power!

Actually, there is still no confirmation what made Bonney decide to change someone to be an old person or a child. 

However, from what was shown in chapter 1064, we can conclude that Bonney's emotions greatly affect her devil fruit power. 

In that chapter, it is shown how Bonney is very sad to see Pacifista Kuma.

Bonney was also very sad when Luffy tried to destroy the Pacifista. 

She then burst into tears while asking Luffy not to hurt her father. 

However, it made her stuck in the middle of the attack until Luffy saved her. 

After everything was done, we saw Luffy, Chopper, Bonney, and Jinbe change their appearance.

4. Not Just Age

One Piece: 5 Facts about Bonney's Devil Fruit Power!

The latest facts about Bonney's devil fruit powers appeared in chapter 1072 yesterday, when Bonney tried to kill Vegapunk. 

When Bonney found a room containing memories of Kuma, she tried to open it. 

Because it was closed tightly, Bonney then transformed her body into a figure that was stocky and so strong that it crushed her tool.

This seems to prove that Bonney is not only able to change the age of a person or herself, she can also change body size according to what she wants. 

For example, changing her body into a muscular figure. 

It is still unknown whether she can also do the same to other people's bodies.

5. Turning Age into Things

One Piece: 5 Facts about Bonney's Devil Fruit Power!

Another new fact about Bonney's devil fruit power is that she can turn someone's age into an object. What does it mean? 

In chapter 1072, Bonney tries to chase Vegapunk to end her life. 

And the attempt was then successful. 

Using the laser wand she found earlier, Bonney then beats Vegapunk.

What's interesting about that moment is when Bonney beats Vegapunk, she then turns into a child. 

In addition, from her body came out objects with various shapes that were very similar to jewelry. 

According to Bonney's explanation it is the age of Vegapunk. 

That is, just like Kuma, Bonney has the ability to turn something intangible – which in this case is age – into something real.

Until now, Eiichiro Oda has not revealed any information about Bonney's devil fruit, including her name. 

Little is known about her devil fruit. 

Even so, there are various interesting facts about her devil fruit that have appeared throughout the story. 

Hopefully Oda Sensei will soon be able to provide information regarding Bonney's devil fruit.

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