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One Piece 1076 Spoiler: Sabo Takes Revenge for Ace's Death on Egghead Island

One Piece anime fans are very enthusiastic as the many extraordinary surprises on Egghead Island are the result of the wild imagination of the author Eiichiro Oda.

This is because one of the great power figures has begun to emerge, namely a character from the Gorosei who is headed there in the latest One Piece spoiler.

Starting from Vegapunk's extraordinary genius invention ideas, Kuma's past secrets to Luffy's true power are starting to be revealed in the latest One Piece series.

One of the interesting theories about the madness that invaded Egghead Island so much is that Sabo will wreak revenge on Ace's death at the hands of the marines on the island where all the great inventions were created.

How can that be because it is alleged that another movement that we are about to see is the Revolutionary Army, which aims to overthrow the World Government.

In fact, it is most likely Sabo, the Fire Emperor, a figure from the Revolutionary Army who will step in to help Luffy.

Not without reason, this is very likely to happen considering that Luffy has been considered his own younger brother by Sabo the Fire Emperor and Ace.

In the previous chapter of One Piece, Oda sensei once showed how devastated the Emperor of Fire, who is now wearing Sabo, when he learned that Ace had lost his life while saving Luffy.

Sabo as Luffy's only brother at the moment, certainly doesn't want that to happen to Luffy again.

Because that would make him lose face in front of Ace as his only remaining older brother.

This is what made Abo swear to help Luffy when he is in trouble.

This is like what happened when Luffy had to face Doflamingo's big conspiracy power in the Dressrosa arc and other battles.

Of course, it's not impossible if the magic can happen again when Luffy is on Egghead Island right now.

That's a little hint about the story of One Piece in the next chapter.

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