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One Piece Chapter 1076 Hint: The Gorosei Successfully Infiltrate Egghead Island

The big situation that happened on Egghead Island probably happened because the Gorosei finally managed to infiltrate the island. 

As is known, the current condition of Egghead Island is really chaotic. First, Egghead Island was successfully surrounded by troops from CP0. 

They managed to close all the island's exits to prevent Vegapunk from escaping.

Second, there are some traitors that have appeared. For example, we see Stussy betraying CP0 considering he was the first Vegapunk and MADS clone. 

Then we see someone sabotaging the system there. Third, Seraphim is moving out of control. 

Seraphim not only attacked the Straw Hat crew, but also CP0. This led to the theory that the Gorosei may have managed to infiltrate Egghead's island.

Appearance of the Gorosei

After decades of being introduced in the One Piece story, the Gorosei finally appeared again and were involved in an arc. 

The last time the Gorosei appeared was when they revealed the true facts about Luffy's devil fruit. Even though they only appeared briefly, they revealed surprising things about this devil fruit.


And this time, Oda really started to show how the Gorosei were involved in an event in an arc after they often gave orders to the navy or Cipher Pol agents. 

In the previous chapter, it was shown how one of the Gorosei finally intervened to solve the problem on Egghead Island.

The figure later became known as Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. 

This is the first time Eiichiro Oda has revealed the name of the Gorosei in decades. Even so, Oda Sensei himself still hasn't provided any other information regarding the Gorosei. 

There has been much speculation among fans that Jaygarcia Saturn might face Luffy in Egghead.

Successfully Infiltrated Egghead

Apart from speculation that Jaygarcia Saturn will be Luffy's next epic opponent, what is no less interesting is the theory that the Gorosei have managed to infiltrate Egghead Island. 

In the previous chapter, when Jaygarcia Saturn was introduced, he was also known to encounter marines who were going to Egghead Island to hunt down Luffy and Vegapunk

The marine forces led by Kizaru. The admiral had a chance to talk with the Gorosei about how he got to know Vegapunk. 

So, what does this have to do with Jaygarcia Saturn's infiltration of Egghead Island? As we know, Kizaru has the power of the Pika Pika devil fruit which allows him to move as fast as lightning.

Even though they later boarded a ship to go to Egghead, maybe the two of them didn't want to waste time going to the island. 

Because of that, there is a possibility that Kizaru will use his devil fruit powers to "teleport" to Egghead Island. 

That way, the Gorosei and also Kizaru were able to infiltrate the island without many people noticing.

Ordered the Seraphim

Since the Gorosei may have managed to infiltrate Egghead's island, this has given rise to other speculations. 

In this case, apart from successfully infiltrating Egghead Island it was likely Saint Jaygarcia Saturn also gave the order to the Seraphim to attack everyone. 

What then becomes a clue about this? None other than the hierarchy of Seraphim and also Pacifista.

According to Stussy's explanation in the last chapter, there is a hierarchy or structure regarding anyone who is "in power" or able to give orders to Seraphim and Pacifista. 

At the lowest level there were people who were able to master an item called an 'authority chip.' 

No matter who it was, those who possessed the item could control those Pacifistas.

Then, one level above him is Sentomaru who is Vegapunk's right hand man. 

He is also in charge of looking after all the Pacifista and Seraphim as the representative of the marine development division. Third is Vegapunk or its satellites. 

As the creator of the Pacifistas, it's only natural that Vegapunk is in a high hierarchical position.


And the last is the Gorosei as the highest hierarchy of all. This is because the Gorosei are part of the World Government which is very powerful in the world of One Piece. 

Because of that, Vegapunk made the Gorosei at the very top of the hierarchy. 

Since the Gorosei were the highest in the Seraphim hierarchy, it would make sense that he would then be the one giving the orders to the Seraphim.

The clue was in chapter 1075 yesterday. 

When Shaka was unable to give the order for the Seraphim to stop attacking, he later suggested that it was probably the real Vegapunk who gave the order. 

However, seeing how the satellites do not move to give orders, it is very likely that those who give orders are the Gorosei who have managed to infiltrate the Egghead island.

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