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 One Piece: This Figure Will Become Luffy's New Ally?

The name X Drake had become a hot topic of conversation during the Wano arc. 

The reason is, it turns out that X Drake is not an ordinary pirate and he is not just a pirate with a bounty of over 100 million Belly.

The figure of X Drake is predicted to return as a new ally for Luffy in the future, moreover that Luffy will face great power in the world of One Piece.

Based on the information that appeared, X Drake turned out to be part of a secret marine group called SWORD. 

This secret group turns out to be carrying out a mission on Onigashima, namely infiltrating the Beast pirate group. 

In chapter 990, Drake was back in the spotlight, where he became the target of assassination by Queen and Who's Who after his cover was blown. Luckily he was able to escape and then met with Luffy.

Will X Drake Become Luffy's ally?

In the battle on Onigashima, Drake's life was threatened. After successfully surviving the attacks of Who's Who and Queen, he then met members of CP0. 

They managed to beat Drake easily, due to the difference in power levels. And the fate of Drake himself is still mysterious. In the Egghead arc it was also reconfirmed that there is still no news from X Drake.

At G-14, the naval base near Egghead Island, Helmeppo and Hibari had asked Prince Grus and his superiors who were also members of SWORD for help. 

They wanted to borrow Seraphim to save Koby who was kidnapped. 

However, Prince Grus refuses because the situation is still not safe. Not to mention, they still haven't had any contact with X Drake.

Even so, it is believed that X Drake is still alive. 

He might have been seriously injured after receiving an attack from CP0's side. It is very likely that X Drake will return to join Luffy's alliance in the future. 

Apart from his position on the marine side, Drake is one of the characters who ends up "stuck" in Luffy's circle of influence.

Before meeting Luffy on Onigashima, Drake had remembered Koby's words about Luffy. According to Koby, Luffy is a strong and kind person. 

Drake can trust and also depend on Luffy regarding this which is what Koby said later proved. Luffy managed to help Drake and also managed to beat Kaido. 

Besides Luffy, the Straw Hat crew and other alliances also prove that they are a good party.

Drake might finally be able to see and understand what Koby meant about Luffy. 

And based on what appeared in the story, Drake was amazed and amazed by Luffy's attitude and personality. 

In fact, after everything that happened, Drake is also believed to believe that Luffy is indeed very strong. 

Drake also believes that Luffy can make big changes to the world. And this is also the reason why X Drake will become Luffy's ally.

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