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 One Piece 1072: The Straw Hat Pirates Finally Escape From Egghead Island

One Piece manga fans are currently waiting for chapter 1072 spoilers.

Even so, there isn't much information about this One Piece 1072 spoiler, but there are several other clues from the previous volume that point to the next manga.

The clue reads "In this turbulent world, where will the Straw Hat pirates venture next?".

This is one of the clues for the next manga volume.

One Piece 1072 will show the Pirate Crew who managed to escape from Egghead.

During this escape, of course the Straw Hat pirates brought a number of Vegapunks who were ready to depart.

On Egghead Island itself, there are CP0 troops.

Meanwhile, Marine Corps along with Admiral Kizaru is also on his way to Egghead Island.

 Zoro, who was on guard on the ship, reportedly clashed with a member of CP0, Kaku. It is possible that this fight will be won by Zoro.

This is because in the One Piece 1071 manga, Kaku looks shocked and looks scared when he sees Zoro fend off his attack on the Straw Hat pirate ship.

In the previous One Piece 1071 manga, there was more to tell about various new plots that occurred in the world of One Piece.

Some of these plots are about the pirate Eustass Captain Kid who will dock at Elbaf Island.

Then, there is also Bartholomew Kuma, who has been discussed about his departure from Kamabakka Island.

He moved to Meri Goese and it is not known what purpose and exact purpose he returned to that place.

Then at the end of the manga One Piece 1071, the setting is shown where Garp has just arrived at the marine base.

Garp's arrival turned out to be him inviting his colleagues who were on the island to save Coby who was kidnapped by Blackbeard or Blackbeard pirates.

He plans to go to Hachinosu Island which is the seat of Blackbeard.

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