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One Piece Spoiler 1072: Garp Uses His Strongest Haki To Save Koby

One Piece chapter 1072 will tell about the betrayal of the Commander of the Marines, namely Monkey D Garp.

Remembering the previous One Piece manga chapter, it is shown that Garp will go to Hachinosu Island to save Coby.

Monkey D Garp's strong Haki might be a way to beat Blackbeard, as well as a moment to save Koby who was kidnapped by the pirate.

Monkey D Garp is a man who has the nickname of sea hero and is also the father of Monkey D Dragon aka Monkey D Luffy's grandfather.

Monkey D Garp is one of the legendary characters in the One Piece story.

One of the extraordinary things about Garp is that he is known to have very strong Haki abilities.

So, how strong is Garp's Haki?

In the current One Piece story, maybe you know Shanks as a character who is known to have very strong Haki powers.

The power of Shanks' Haki is even recognized by many people.

Even so, before Shanks became what he is now, Garp was one of the strongest Haki users in the One Piece series, especially Armament Haki.

Garp's Armament Haki powers were proven in several events in the history of One Piece.

For example, 38 years ago, Garp faced the Rocks pirate group in a historic event, namely the God Valley incident.

Rocks himself is a pirate who is known to be the most cruel and terrible in the world. Garp manages to defeat him, despite the help of Roger.

Apart from successfully defeating Rocks, another proof of the awesomeness of Garp's Haki is that he has often fought Gol D Roger.

So far, it is unknown whether anyone has ever won or lost their fight.

However, how Roger believed in Garp the way he did Whitebeard, gives a clue if the strength level of the two is the same.

So naturally Garp became the strongest marine.

Another proof of Garp's Haki power is that he was able to defeat Don Chinjao who has a bounty of 500,000,000 Belly with just one punch.

Don Chinjao is famous for his Armament Haki ability, where he is able to destroy an island using only his head.

Before facing Chinjao, Garp had destroyed hundreds of mountains to train.

And the latest evidence is how he was able to kill Akainu in the battle at Marineford.

How Sengoku held Garp from moving, and prevented the situation from getting more chaotic, Sengoku knew if Garp was able to beat and finish Akainu at that time.

All the evidence above illustrates how powerful Garp's Haki power is.

It is possible that Oda will show Garp's Conqueror Haki abilities in his fight against Blackbeard.

Can Garp Beat Blackbeard?

Although there is no definite answer, Garp's chances of defeating Blackbeard are quite high.

There are several factors that support this, for example the first is that it is clear that Garp is a great user of Haki.

Garp's Haki power doesn't need to be doubted.

We can see this from various evidence throughout the series.

Then, we also know that Blackbeard has a weakness with Haki.

This means that Garp has a chance to defeat Blackbeard and save Koby.

Even so, Garp also needs to be aware of Blackbeard's power level, which is certainly no joke.

Blackbeard is very strong with the two devil fruit powers he has.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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