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One Piece Spoiler 1073: Saul Is the Reason Kid Goes to Elbaf?

One Piece Spoiler 1073: Saul Is the Reason Kid Goes to Elbaf?

We may finally know what Eustass Kid's goal is to go to the island of Elbaf, namely the figure of Jaguar D. Saul. 

What is the relationship between Kid, Saul and the island of Elbaf? 

Why then did they target Saul? 

Yesterday's One Piece chapter 1071 was successful in presenting several stories at once. 

Apart from presenting the storyline on Egghead, we also know what happened outside the island.

One of the storylines that emerged was how Kid and his group finally arrived at the island of giants, Elbaf. 

It was previously predicted that this island would be the destination for Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates, before it was discovered that Egghead would be the next island. 

There is an interesting theory regarding Kid's appearance in Elbaf, namely that he is targeting Saul.

Why is the Kid in Elbaf?

One Piece Spoiler 1073: Saul Is the Reason Kid Goes to Elbaf?

At the end of the Wano arc, Kid seems to be having a conversation with his vice-captain, Killer, regarding what their next action will be. 

In the conversation, they then presented an interesting piece of information. 

Kid once spoke of finding "The Man Marked by Flames". 

At that time, the fans speculated about who Kid was referring to.

Sabo became a name that was widely predicted by fans at that time. 

This does make sense considering he does have a scar on his face. 

However, after all the speculation that followed the Egghead arc, one name that might suit what Kid meant. 

The name is none other than Jaguar D. Saul, a giant who was thought to have died.

When Vegapunk talked to the Straw Hats, he was able to tell the other side of Ohara's great tragedy and what happened after. 

Vegapunk said he saw a group of giants trying to save books that had been dropped into the lake. 

Later, it was discovered that the giants were led by a single person with bandages and wounds.

Nico Robin himself later confirmed that this figure was Jaguar D. Saul. 

Hundreds of previous chapters, Oda had shown that Saul might have died in the terrible incident in Ohara. 

Saul tried to protect Robin who was trying to escape from the pursuit of the navy. 

However, as it turns out, Saul survived with scars on his body.

Based on this, it makes sense that Kid is looking for Saul and is the reason why he should then go to Elbaf. 

Whether Kid already knows where he is or maybe he will look for his whereabouts, we have to wait. 

To be sure, getting to Elbaf first gives the Kid a huge advantage. 

He was in a strong enough position to head to the last island first.

History of Elbaf

One Piece Spoiler 1073: Saul Is the Reason Kid Goes to Elbaf?
Elbaf itself is one of the oldest regions and kingdoms in the world of One Piece. 

This is an island that is home to giants. 

Like Wano and several other islands, Elbaf is an island that is not affiliated with the World Government. 

However, what later became the reason this island did not join the World Government is quite interesting.

In contrast to Wano, which is indeed an isolated country due to their borders, Elbaf is actually open and has no borders. 

What then made Elbaf not ally with the World Government? 

One possibility is the longevity of the giants. 

In the One Piece series, giants are known to have very long lives.

They can live hundreds to thousands of years. 

The oldest giant known so far is Jarul, who is 408 years old. 

Because of their longevity, it is possible that the giants have seen many events in various eras. 

In fact, they may even know what happened in the past such as the Age of Void.

Aside from perhaps knowing about the lost century, the giant tribes are also thought to have the last piece of the Road Poneglyph. This is also one of the most frequent speculations among fans. 

As we know, the fourth Road Poneglyph is still a big mystery. 

The fans are trying to guess where the location of his whereabouts. 

Several names, such as Elbaf, Mary Geoise, and the marine headquarters, became places that fans speculated about a lot.

So far, Kid has three Road Poneglyphs. With him in Elbaf, besides being able to study or dig up information about the lost century, he could also copy the contents of the Road Poneglyphs that were there. 

This is the reason why Kid is then said to have one step ahead of Luffy in the competition to go to Laugh Tale.

Straw Hat Crew Heading to This Island?

One Piece Spoiler 1073: Saul Is the Reason Kid Goes to Elbaf?
Currently, the Straw Hats are still on Egghead Island trying to escape from the pursuit of the navy and CP0. 

Based on the information in the previous chapter, Akainu agrees to reactivate the "Buster Call" on Egghead Island. 

Apart from killing Vegapunk's life, they also know that Luffy and the Straw Hats are on the island.

Currently, the Straw Hat crew is in a bit of a tight spot where they again have to be outnumbered. 

They do have a chance with Luffy with Gear 5 and also some of the Straw Hats' powerful crew. 

However, it was not easy for them to immediately leave there, especially since CP0 was guarding all the doors. 

Not to mention Bonney trying to finish off Vegapunk. 

That is, the situation is increasingly uncertain.

However, many fans still believe that the Straw Hats will head to Elbaf Island after the epic events on Egghead Island. 

The island could also be their hiding place from the pursuit of the navy. 

Also, on the other hand, the giants have a pretty strong connection with Usopp and Robin. 

So, it makes sense that Elbaf is the next destination.

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