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One Piece 1072 Spoiler: Leaked Figure of Luffy's Mother, Fujitora Who Will Become a Straw Hat Crew

One Piece chapter 1072 will be released next week. Many fans are waiting for this manga spoiler.

The latest One Piece 1072 spoiler circulated that Luffy is facing the world government because he took away Dr. Vegapunk, but Fujitora's figure comes to help him.

Somehow the fans speculated that Fujitora and Kuma would become the Straw Hat Crew.

Looking back at the previous chapter, Kuma finally came to Egghead to meet Vegapunk and Bonney.

It is suspected that Kuma's arrival was intended to save Bonney, but there is a possibility that he has conspired with Luffy.

This is because Kuma had done the same thing before, namely saving the pirate hat crew.

Apart from that, there was also a hint about the person who would become Luffy's new alliance. This was seen when Edison said that there would be someone who could help them.

As a risk the person will always be hunted by the world government.

However, Vegapunk still summoned the person in the end.

Currently his face is still a mystery, because before when talking through Denden Mushi the person's face was covered in shadows.

the fans think this will be a hint that this mysterious figure will become a helper and support for Luffy and the Straw Hat pirate crew.

Meanwhile, at another time, Oda had shown a sighting of Luffy's mother who had a hint of the name D Dragon

Even though Oda once said that Luffy's mother will not be shown because it is irrelevant in the story of One Piece.

The leak of Luffy's mother will appear again in One Piece 1072.

Those are some of the latest spoilers for One Piece 1072 Manga currently circulating.

Look forward to the next story.

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