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One Piece 1072 Spoliers: Kuma Is a Copy of an Ancient Giant Robot?

One Piece 1072 Spoliers: Kuma Is a Copy of an Ancient Giant Robot?

Seeing what happened to Bartholomew Kuma, there is a possibility that he is a clone of an ancient robot that was abandoned on Egghead Island. 

And there is a good reason why Vegapunk created Pacifista Kuma based on this ancient robot. 

The fans of the One Piece manga series still haven't stopped talking about the figure of Bartholomew Kuma.

As geeks know, the names Bartholomew Kuma and Jewelry Bonney are currently a topic of discussion that fans are busy talking about. 

This was after Eiichiro Oda revealed the true facts about the relationship between the two characters. 

Even so, there is an interesting speculation regarding Kuma which states that he is a clone of an ancient robot.

Vegapunk Turns Kuma Into an Ancient Robot Clone

One Piece 1072 Spoliers: Kuma Is a Copy of an Ancient Giant Robot?

As we know, Bartholomew Kuma decided to become Vegapunk's test subject for the Pacifista project. 

Vegapunk uses Kuma's body parts to transform into a Pacifista, a powerful human weapon. 

According to Jinbe's narrative, Kuma did this as a form of exchange for the punishment he underwent after Kuma was deemed a criminal.

How Vegapunk then turned Kuma into a Pacifista is arguably very interesting. 

However, there is a theory that emerges why Vegapunk later created Pacifista and also his connection with Kuma was inspired by the ancient robot in Egghead. 

In the previous chapter, Oda introduced a giant ancient robot that was found by Luffy.

According to Vegapunk's narrative, the robot was active 200 years ago. 

This giant robot once attacked Mary Geoise and attempted to destroy the area. 

However, due to running out of fuel or resources, the robot was finally captured and then secretly stored on Egghead Island. 

Who sent the robot and for what purpose is still a mystery.

The existence of this ancient robot on Egghead Island is clearly very interesting and also becomes a clue if Vegapunk then researches the robot. 

It could be that this ancient robot inspired Vegapunk to create Pacifista. And there is also a theory that states that Pacifista Kuma is a clone of an ancient robot, where Vegapunk applies everything from the robot to Pacifista Kuma's body.

And this is probably the reason why in chapter 1071 yesterday, Pacifista Kuma who was saved by Koby decided to fly to Mary Geoise. 

It could be that the ancient robotic program in Pacifista Kuma's brain accidentally activated while being repaired by Lindbergh. And that triggers Pacifista Kuma to then go to Mary Geoise and attack the people there.

The Original Kuma Is Still Alive?

One Piece 1072 Spoliers: Kuma Is a Copy of an Ancient Giant Robot?

In connection with the theory above, there is also another theory about the figure of Kuma where it is predicted that the real Kuma is still alive. 

How then could it happen? 

In theory, it is stated that it is possible that Vegapunk did not actually change the original Kuma into a Pacifista. 

However, maybe he did research like he did with Kaido or King.

When Doflamingo once mentioned that Vegapunk and the World Government turned Kuma into a cyborg, that was true but not entirely. 

Vegapunk multiplied Kuma's number of robots, hence the name "Pacifistas". 

In the Punk Hazard arc, Law did something similar to what Vegapunk did. 

Law did it to Caesar Clown.

Law had told Caesar that the heart he was holding belonged to Smoker, which actually belonged to Monet. 

In the context of Kuma, Vegapunk could have told the World Government and the sky dragons that what he gave them was the real Kuma. 

Though, in fact, it was a Pacifista that would become known as PX-0.

Based on that, it's likely that the real Kuma is still alive and will be reunited with his son, Bonney, on Egghead Island. 

Oda himself might have built these events or moments since the Reverie arc. 

This theory could be the reason why Vegapunk doesn't seem to feel guilty about Kuma. 

Also, when he said that Kuma couldn't be returned to the way he was.

This is because basically Vegapunk has never turned Kuma into a cyborg like what appears in the story. 

In other words, Oda has managed to "manipulate" the fans into thinking that Vegapunk really turned Kuma into a Pacifista. 

In fact, it never happened.

Part Of The Vegapunk Plan

One Piece 1072 Spoliers: Kuma Is a Copy of an Ancient Giant Robot?

What happened to Bartholomew Kuma in the One Piece story is probably part of a big plan that Vegapunk made and thought about carefully. 

Vegapunk carefully crafted a plan that he might come up with with Monkey D. Dragon. 

This plan may have been made by him since 22 years ago, after the terrible events in Ohara.

Perhaps, like Dragon, Vegapunk was also furious about the incident. 

However, he couldn't do much considering that the World Government was the largest contributor of resources for all his research. 

Not to mention that he also works for them. 

Vegapunk finally drew up a neat plan which was then executed slowly before it was actually carried out.

This could be the reason why Vegapunk said that his meeting with Luffy was destiny. 

Because, Luffy could be someone who will help him realize all the plans he has made. 

Of course it will be interesting to see how Vegapunk's role will be in the next One Piece story, where he is likely to be one of the most important figures.

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